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  1. Thanks everyone, we will try it tomorrow!
  2. 😁Has anyone towed a fifth wheel on this route? My old Allstays said there was a height limit and new one shows it gone. Thanks in advance Bonnie
  3. Thanks for your input, we will try the 58 to 395 to the 15. We stay in Jojoba if they are not full, else there are Passport America parks in the area, to visit family. Have never had much trouble going on to Yuma, both the 10 and the 8 are good. Thanks again, Bonnie and Tom
  4. We have been traveling the 101 to the 210 twice a year on our way to and from Yuma (and a short stop to see family in Orange County ) to avoid most of the LA traffic and we only do it on Sun. mornings (which info we got from here!) . Would really like to try Hwy 58 out of Bakersfield to the 15. And a question, it looks like taking the 395 from the 58 to the 15 is shorter than going all the way to Barstow. We took the southern 395 over 25 years ago, it was a mess. Appreciate your input, cheers Bonnie and Tom
  5. We sold our sailboat that we had lived on for 18 years (just got too old to do all the work), and like many of our fellow retired cruisers, bought a RV. For us the Winnebago View 23 J worked. These are travel rigs, and that is what we did for 3 years. Very easy to park in front of kids houses, and come and go with ease. Even went to SanCarlos in Mexico. Eventually, it gets crowded and we were visiting our storage at least 3 or 4 times a year. Plus the fact we were really interested in volunteering at state parks on the west coast (and we did not have a toad). So bought a smaller fifth wheel and a ford truck. What a change, did not Ike the trailer, too short for a full queen size bed, and other issues, so traded for an Artic Fox 29.5 about 18 months ago. Very happy, meets our needs. However, not nearly as easy to drive, not traveling nearly as much, cannot park in front of kids houses etc. So, many trade offs, but it does suit our current life style as we are now volunteering at OR state parks for 5 months a year. There is a lot to learn about towing, talk to as many fifth wheelers as you can before buying a rig. And get inputs on models and sizes, as usual we are learning the hard way!! Good luck.
  6. Just a quick update, got the wheel/axle fixed yesterday, very impressed with the technicians, they delivered as promised, and around $200 cheaper than CW. Oy, yet another problem, got to RV park in Gilroy by 4, after hooking up, noticed that batteries not charging, and they were down from our week of camping in the CW parking lot. So, got ahold of Bay Area RV, took it back in, thinking the battery charger was shot. Turns out that prior owner or maybe the dealer had taped the mounting block for the fuses to the wall. They were able to fix it in 2 hours, and replaced 3 fuses in battery charger controller (sorry, I don't understand all of this!!). All is well, heading to S. Cal tomorrow. Will post reviews, hopefully to help others in the same situation. Again, many thanks, Bonnie
  7. Wow, thanks to all of your quick responses, am very impressed. Tom took a pic of the axle at 10, and around 11:30 or so, had a response that Orlandi had it in stock, go figure!! Before we left the CW parking lot, confirmed that we had an apt. on Thurs. to fix it.,so, get the part, back at CW by 3, say the tech that can fix it will be available in 2 weeks, called RV repair places that showed up on our Allstays app, got 2 responses that could be fixed this week. RV restore could not do it until Fri, finally settled on Bay Area RV, will start tomorrow. Again, thank you, there is much for us to learn and most of it is here!! Thanks again, Bonnie and Tom
  8. We just had a brake/tire/drum fail and finally got a tow to Camping world in Gilroy CA. It took almost 2 days to find out the axle was warped. Now being told may take 3 weeks or more to get a new axle, we are full timers. This is a Lippert axle on a 2008 Northwood Artic Fox fifth wheel, 29.5 E. Googled Lippert, many many problems. We had the axles and tires checked in July. We are currently dealing with Orlandi trailer parts in San Jose, they seem to know what they are doing. Can't obviously stay in the trailer without a pump out, boy if you have any ideas, please let us know, or any more info on the axle. Many thanks, Bonnie and Tom
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