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  1. I agree with much that has been said. Get your TV and trailer weighed by axle otherwise you're guessing. We're in our 5th year with TPMS, Mor-Ryde 8k IS & pinbox, GY G114s, Trailer Saver TS3 hitch and air shocks to level the truck. Our trailer has a GVWR of 19K. We've been very happy with the setup. :-)
  2. Installed 6 panels 18 months ago with wood screws and Dicor self leveling. Many thousands of miles, no problems, no leaks.
  3. Dranoel


    Consider wether you need auto start. If so, Onan or other onboard generator is the only option. We don't and are happy with our two 2k Yamahas.
  4. Yes, that's possible. But if you plan on using it in the winter months, it won't rent for much, if at all, in the off season. However, we like idea of owning the lot and just bought in Nature Coast Landings. The rentals/sales prices will give you some idea of what to expect there.
  5. Nature Coast Landings in Crystal River, FL
  6. We volunteered at the Persimmon Gap visitor center in the winter of 2013. Panther Junction and PGap can handle 40' rigs. Ours is 37'. We loved the assignment. But, take a cooler to the supermarket in Alpine and don't forget anything! We had weak cell signals. But, opted for a land line installed at our rig in PGap to ensure internet access.
  7. gjhunter01: Mr. Heater Big Buddy has an unregulated quick connect, which I'm using, in addition to two built-in regulators for small bottle propane. It works very well.
  8. Just added a line for Mr Heater off the 3/8" copper stove supply.
  9. We have the TST TPMS on our 2014 DRV. I added TST sensors to our 2013 F350 DRW in 2013. The flow-thru style that is on the rig will not fit the dually aluminium wheels. I went with the non-flow thru that must be removed to add air. I had to remove the theft protection device to make them fit. The inside wheel is a little tough to get at. But, I manage to add air as needed. Happy with the product.
  10. Sure guys. That was a 48 hour reading on a 25 cubic foot Whirlpool GSC25C4EYY, not 23 cubic feet. Temps were in the 80s when I checked it. Not a serious boondocker's fridge.
  11. I just completed a 600W solar install on my rig. According to the Kill-a-Watt, our 23 cubic foot Whirlpool residential fridge averages 7.5 or 6.2 amps/hr with the icemaker turned off. We have 400 Amps of storage. But, only 200 available unless we damage the batteries by frequently using more than 50%. Adding parasitic and other use, I estimate we need to run the 2k Yamaha generator about 1hr/day or so to keep up. More if the sun don't shine.
  12. RV A/C generally is not practical to power via the battery bank unless it is extremely large. The amperage is just too great.
  13. +1 on Pro-Fill. We've had it for 3 years - works great! Never had to move the battery cables tho...
  14. Daveh, I appreciate your well researched contribution to this discussion.
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