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  1. Life Quest

    Fuel Treatment.. Stationary too long...

    Thanks for the advice and suggestions.. The unit was purchased new in the spring of 2015 and has about 3,000 total miles on it.. at the very least, every 7-8 months I started it, moved it either forward or back to rotate the tires to a new position (and kept them covered in between). I also did regular washings at about the same schedule, and regular basic maintenance (like keeping the tires a proper psi., etc.) About 8-10 months ago was the last time it was started and I drove it about 2 miles, (around the block type thing) and it seemed to run smoothly. I definitely plan to proceed with caution, checking everything even more than a normal pre-trip would be, the first trip will be from NV to TX with a few short stops along the way. Meanwhile, I'll go smell the gas, check out Sea Foam, check for tire dry rot, check all the fluids, etc., If the gas smells good, I'm thinking I can go fill it up and add a treatment at that time.. then drive it a few miles to mix it up a little.. I'll let everyone know how things go.. Right before we leave I'll take it in for a lube and an oil/fluid change, etc. I'm just concerned that there's things I'll miss checking/doing before a 1,400 mile trip.. Would rather spend money now than from the side of the road. -Jim
  2. Life Quest

    Transferring an LLC

    Exactly. Consult with your accountant and/or attorney. Our CPA had us shut ours down and start a new one in the new state when we moved. -Jim
  3. Life Quest

    Update... Unbelievable it's been so long..

    Oh... and for anyone looking to settle down a little.. Our business is a retail self defense and knife store at a local indoor permanent swap meet (Fri-Sun) and it's for sale. (but that's a different topic). -Jim
  4. Long story short.. Our RV has been basically sitting for about 2 years. The last time we drove it was about 8 months ago.. We need to get it ready for travel and the first thing I'm looking at is a fuel(gas) treatment. I'm looking at either STA-BIL or PRI-G - Any advice or suggestions? What else do we need to do to get it ready for full time travel? -Jim
  5. Hi Everyone! It's been 2 years 4 months since since we announced our decision to go full-time and purchased our Jayco Red Hawk and a Honda Fit (to flat tow), we moved in (to the red hawk, not the fit)... and well... Here's the update.. We were just 2 months away from leaving Fabulous Las Vegas and we had an opportunity to purchase a local business, which we did, and have been running it now for the last 2 years from the RV. We really haven't driven anywhere except to take the little hawk out for a spin a couple of times. So, we have been stationary full-timers, not really what we had in mind.. The business has done well, but it's time to actually start traveling.... and living life a little. We are getting rid of the business by the end of the year and have already informed our accountant that Dec 24th will be our last day of operations. We'll either sell it or close it.. the travel bug is just too strong.. Just have to figure out everything we have to do before we head out. -Jim
  6. This is one we picked up on Amazon... Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit Price fluctuates between $200-$300, It's powered by battery connectors so it's truly portable, it might be worth taking a look at. Jim
  7. Life Quest

    Pulling the Trigger

    Thank you all.. We plan to stay around town (Henderson, NV) for 3-4 weeks while we wrap up loose ends.. maybe visit some RV parks around lake mead.. We've got a smart car lease that expires in about 4-5 months so we'll probably turn it in early right before we head out to parts unknown (if we don't decide to use it as a toad). We're both excited and tired.. lots of work getting everything done in less than 2 weeks, but we're all loaded now, tonight is our last night before total freedom.. Jim
  8. Life Quest

    Pulling the Trigger

    Yep! We're pulling the trigger... Life... It just gets in the way of really living.. After years and years of wanting to do it.. several attempts at planning and downsizing, re-planning and re-downsizing, after letting life get in the way so many times.. we've finally said enough is enough... We're doing this thing! We pulled the trigger... Meet our new Jayco RedHawk 26XD We've given ourselves 1 week to downsize one last time.. April 28th the auction house comes to get anything we don't plan to keep. We've Joined Escapes, and we're doing this! Jim (and Crystal)