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  1. 1999 Safari Trek 2830 Pathmaker All the extras. For all the details: https://SafariTrekForSale.MovingOnWithMargo.com
  2. Talondriver, if you monitor this site, please reply to me. Your Craigslist does not release your reply information, always an error. Very interested if still available. Please reply either way. P.S. I have a 1999 Safari Trek 2830 motorhome for sale. Willing to trade. See more at https://SafariTrekForSale.MovingOnWithMargo.com
  3. There used to be a commercial book vendor at the Escapades that would take your books in volume to sell during that week. Does anyone know if that vendor is still available?
  4. I was talked into starting CPAP therapy by my doctor. As it turned out, it was a misdiagnosis. I only used my equipment one month even after switching masks. The complete system with two masks (fully owned by me) is for sale. Please visit my webpage for photos and info: http://CPAP.MovingOnWithMargo.com
  5. Ekornes Stressless Recliner Large "Ambassador" model with Ottoman Green Leather Width: 33 1/2 , Height: 39 1/4 , Depth: 30 1/4 , Seat Height : 16 1/2 Although previously owned, this recliner is contemporary and timeless with simple lines, Scandinavian styling and incomparable comfort. Having a full 360° swivel feature, the Ambassador responds to, and works with the motion of your body to give unmatched support and superior comfort. The recliner is in Yuma, AZ along with its owner for the winter season. 8^ ) Sells new for $1,595.00 Sacrifice for $600 Call 928-451-5687 Ask for Margo eMail: Margo@TheMaxwellGroup.net For more photos & info, see my webpage: http://Recliner.TheMaxwellGroup.net
  6. I have a beautiful Ekornes Euro Recliner with ottoman for sale. It has a little wear on the left arm, but otherwise is in great shape. It retails new for $1,600. selling for $600. The recliner is in Yuma, AZ for the season, so I would love to hear from you if interested. See my webpage for more photos and info: http://recliner.themaxwellgroup.net
  7. Has anyone found a way to connect the Lippert Waste Master hose to the RV without making it permanent?
  8. Sorry, Paroots. The last bit of gossip that came my way indicated that Western Horizons has one park left out of the 21 parks in the original contract. It would be wise to call their main office and leave a message for information. I hear they no longer answer their phones.
  9. The Platinum contract is probably the best resale available...IF it has carried over the nationwide parks, three weeks in, one week out but park-to-park. Unlimited free nights (not the 50 nights free, $3 nightly fee after that). The price is right too. If possible, get a copy of the original contract (not likely from a broker, but ask). Repeating what has already been said, get the membership number and call Thousand Trails Member Service for the exact details (the details mentioned here are the important ones). If it is a Platinum Plus, there are many extras but they may have been stripped on the resale. I believe that Thousand Trails now pays the brokerage fees for the transaction. RPI is not a big deal anymore as most of the parks are covered in your membership, but check their website for details. If your plans include being on the road for at least three months at a time, this membership pays off big time...IF the parks are where you want to go. You can also suspend (check Member Services for the current limitations) the membership for periods of time. Read this post on my website that gives you some history and current information on Thousand Trails and other campground systems available: http://rvlifestyleexperts.com/getting-started/Membership-campgrounds.htm ~Margo MovingOnWithMargo.com RVLifestyleExperts.com
  10. Looking for 2004/2005 Fleetwood Triumph FLQS Regency Edition. This is the front living room model I am currently in Mesa, AZ but will travel 100 miles to take a look. Thank you for your help. ~Margo Margo@MovingOnWithMargo.com Blog: MovingOnWithMargo.com Website: RVLifestyleExperts.com
  11. If Pete does not currently take medications, IMHO, the penalty for signing up for Part D later would be worth waiting on that. Some plans only charge about $35 per month for Part D Drugs. The 10% penalty might only be $15 a month if you wait several years until the actual need arises. Since I don't take any medications I have no personal experience. What is the average cost for Part D? Please mention if the cost is coupled with an "Advantage" plan or just a Drug plan separate. Thanks for the input.
  12. Unfortunately, you must sign him up on some plan by the month of his 65th birthday to avoid pentalty. The penalty is 10% of the premium. Every year not enrolled Medicare adds 10% more penalty. You can defer the cash payment though. But you must start paying the Part B premium the first month he is eligible. If he takes the pension payment too, it is deducted from that amount and the balance deposited into your bank account.
  13. Oops! You know, I think I forgot to mention that the plans like BC/BS & United mentioned earlier are Medicare Advantage plans, not supplemental insurance. These "advantage" plans often cover other areas that Medicare does not, like dental and optical care. There are quite a few plans offered, most are regulated by state rules, hence traveling out of state may become a problem. Some "advantage" plans even cover the deductible. Very enticing until you travel out of state and need coverage as discussed earlier. Plus, the rules change too. South Dakota, very popular among full-timers, now is in-state only coverage. Under 65ers and Advantage Plan RVers now have to find new domiciles.
  14. Still have not heard from anyone on the Medical Savings Plan. Surely someone has tried this plan. It sounds great (maybe too great) and am still looking for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I was not able to find out much about it and would like verified information so I can update my book, "Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle." This is the kind of stuff I live for, getting information out there so no one steps into a hole because there is no detour sign tacked up. It is always costly getting out of that hole.
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