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  1. We have started our Fulltime adventure, house sold and we are living in our 2015 Montana Mountaineer, until we retire, sometime in the next few months. Then we hit the road. Kind of nice to be able to shake down and set up the 5ver at our leisure and not on the road.
  2. House sold in one day, best part about it, new owners bought everything(as a side deal for personal property) we didn't want to keep. We only moved a bedroom set, secretaries desk, and a small round table, couple of end tables. I was really glad we did not have to move everything else.
  3. We have had Progressive on a bunch of different vehicles over the years, always direct, never an agent. This was in Arizona and New Mexico.
  4. Well, its been a whirlwind month, as posted on December 4th, house went on the market, sold in 1 day. We close on the 29th of January, we start fulltiming the 25th (this Sunday) so I guess we go from the class of 2016 to the class of 2015. Getting everything arranged and sold has been busy to say the least. Holidays thrown in and family coming in didn't help, but it was nice to have one more family reunion in the house. We are excited, tired, but excited. Onward and upward.
  5. DW is a big time embroidery, quilting, and sewing gal. So we made the choice, that to be fulltiming it, the rig need a craft room. So we bought a bunkhouse add made some changes in the bunk room. Added a manager's desk for a sewing surface and a table across the back for cutting, etc. Converted the closets into shelving for storage. I do some fly tying on the table(if she lets me :-)
  6. If you have wet bolts, be sure to have them greased, and brakes checked at the same time. Labor is going to vary around the country. Around here its going for about $40 a wheel, including seals. The brakes are a whole different ball game, depending on if you need pads, pads, drums (or turned) and magnets. I do my own. But to do it right it will take a couple of hours to inspect and do the work, if hand packed.
  7. Wa Hoo, House went on the market today. Now we wait.
  8. Well we have had garage sell #2, got rid of a lot of clothes, kitchen duplicates, sports supplies (reading hunting gear). All went well, what little was left was donated. We have the house and property (5acres) ready and will list it for sale this week. We have been busy getting rid of "stuff". The new 5ver and truck is ready. If the house sells quick (we can all dream) we may check out early. Our daughter and husband moved to the Dallas area (grand kids went with them :-) so there isn't anything left here in Roswell to keep us rooted, except house and jobs. Once the house is sold, the jobs will be easy to vacate. The big problem we have is our pets, two Red Heelers, one is 8yrs and one is 4yrs. We are looking for a good home, they are outside dogs. Both are super great with kids and are sweet hearts, trying to find a home that can take both. Well, onward we go.
  9. First yard sell done, glad that one is behind us. Rear building empty, ready to move.
  10. imadtchmn, hope both the trip and new purchase goes good for you. We made a 1500 mile 7 day trip last month, shaking out the mods on 5ver and new tow vehicle. All went great. This weekend is the first big yard sale, more "stuff" then can fit in a 2 car garage. One bite out of the sandwich to full timing.
  11. Our plan is starting to come together, Corvette sold, motorcycle sold, new Tow Vehicle purchased. Now the hard parts, started today cleaning out our back building, saddles and tack, house furniture that should have been sold years ago. Anyway, starting to get the first yard sale in 2 weeks, the first of 4 over the next 3 yrs. Horse sale in 2 weeks, I will take the saddles and tack there. But we will get the first sale out of the way and get the back building empty and the building moved to another property. This building will then become a storage building for posessions that we want to keep, when the house sales in 2015. The plan is underway. Good lord willing and the creek don't rise (or the stock market crashes beyond belief) we are on schedule. Hope everyone is moving toward the goal line. Enjoy the journey.
  12. We are throwing our hats in to the Class of 2016, End of May is what we are shooting for. We have been campers (RVers) for a number of years. We have our second 5th wheel in the drive. Modifications have begun, additional shelves, LED lighting, craft and sewing center for the DW. We have started liquidating things, such as motorcycle, corvette, guns, etc. House will go on the market Spring of 2015, if it sells quick, we may move up to the first of 2016. Our current plans are to long time in different locations, North and South and eventually find the place we will call home base, could take 2 or 10 years. We have family all over the country so we will visit during travels between long time destinations. We are so looking forward to the adventure, although selling, getting rid of things, picking a new domicile (most likely Texas), insurance-health, truck, RV, and all the other things seems alittle overwhelming, but starting 4yrs out seems to make it a very manageable plan, at this time. So heres hoping for good health, good financial markets, and the grace of god, we are all in. Looking forward to keeping in touch.
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