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  1. For those of you who have glued your WIFI Ranger SKY to the top of your RV or to your raisable TV antenna, what glue did you use and obviously how is it working so far? Thanks Dave
  2. Rust treatment for HDT frames

    Thanks everybody for your replies. Looks like POR 15 has the majority so that will be it. Appreciate your help Dave
  3. Rust treatment for HDT frames

    Quite a while ago there was discussion about treating the HDT frames during the conversion process to stop further rusting. Of course I can't find that information. I am looking for the product names people were using to treat the rust. I would like to do that to the lower panels of my pickup truck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  4. I guess I don't understand correctly. I have paired the core and sky pro and the control panel shows them paired. When I look at the signal from an outside wifi source the core shows a much lower signal than the sky pro. That is expected but the speed is also slower on the core than on the sky pro. I thought with them paired the sky was supposed to pass that speed through to the core. Where is my thinking incorrect? Thanks for your help Dave
  5. WiFi Ranger Serial number

    doc, Thank you. I actually contacted them last evening after posting here. Of course it is the weekend so I won't get any reply till Monday.
  6. A while back I saw a post that WFR was offering a discount on new equipment by supplying them the Serial Number of the older equipment. I had just disposed of the old WFR Pro about 2 weeks before that. By chance I came across that number today and am wondering if that offer is still available. Thanks Dave
  7. MOFI router

    Is anybody using one of the MOFI brand wireless routers and what are your opinions? Thanks Dave
  8. Darryl, Kirk, Since the Leviton is not wired into the main feed cable coming into the RV but as a side panel of the Auto Transfer Switch I think I can just leave it in place and go ahead and install the Progressive EMS LCHW50 in the main cable coming into the RV. This is what I am going to do when the weather warms here in Northeast Ohio and rain stops and I can look inside the Auto Transfer Switch and hopefully it makes sense. Thank you both for your help. Dave
  9. Our motor home (2005 Travel Supreme 45 Select)) has a leviton surge suppressor #32120-001. It is installed to the side of the automatic transfer switch and wired into the switch. I have not opened the switch at this point to look. I am trying to understand: A. Is this strictly a suppressor or does it do electrical management functions as well. B. Does it protect the auto transfer switch from both the park power and the generator or only the park power? C. Should I install a Progressive EMS LCHW50 in line ahead of the auto transfer instead of or in addition to the leviton suppressor or maybe not at all? These questions are from a very electrically challenged individual. ME! Thanks for your help Dave
  10. MaximumSignal Update?

    More about ground plane: I have a piece of magnetic Stainless Steel that the 13" Max. Signal magnetic antenna does stick to. Is this good for the ground plane or does it need to be ferrous material? Thanks Dave
  11. Streets & Trips upgrade?

    Hi Reading this topic because I have been considering CoPilot. Can anybody explain the difference between the Premium version and the Premium HD version? Thanks Dave
  12. Finally

    Anyone, On the Maximum Signal web site, when ordering a Maximim Amp Mobile Rv unit a person must choose between AT&T and Verizon. If I am reading correctly, the LTE coverage seems to be the same so is the need to choose for the voice coverage only? Please explain. Thanks Dave
  13. Hello, All said and done I decided to buy a 1000.4EA, 3lnb setup. So I have a couple more questions I didn't realize before that I have. Which two ports do the two coax attach to on the lnb head? Does it matter which cable attaches to #1 and #2 connectors ports on the solo node? Thanks Again Dave
  14. Zulu, Thanks, I will try setting the dish to 72.7. Mark and Dutch, We live in the Cleveland Ohio market and I am pretty sure the HD locals are simulcast on both 129 and 61.5. Appreciate the help Dave
  15. I need to change from Dish Western arc to Eastern arc because of line of sight problems with the 129 sat. I am going to change to a 1000.2-- 2 lnb eastern arc dish from a 1000.2-- 3 lnb western arc dish. I have the print outs giving all aiming coordinates for the different zip codes of western arc but I can't find the comparable printout for the 2 lnb eastern arc sats. Also when setting up western I located the 119 sat first then minor adjustments for the other two. Now with only 2 sats which one gets peaked first? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dave