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  1. I-85 through Atlanta closed

    We came through Atlanta yesterday (04/01) at about 10 AM, taking I-285 East. Traffic was very heavy east-bound but moving OK; west-bound looked to be at or near a standstill the entire 20+ miles.
  2. Interesting Sites

    Two weeks ago we were at Carlsbad Caverns. Yesterday we learned that a day away were locations relating to Billy The Kid and Smokey Bear that we would have enjoyed visiting. There have been other places near where we were that had interesting places to see that we didn’t know about. Is there a site or an app that has info about unusual places to see? Maybe enter in your location to see what’s near.
  3. Headed to Big Bend NP

    We made it! From San Antonio we took Route 90 to Del Rio. We stayed at a very nice park there while waiting for a new mirror and explored the area. Then west to Marathon with a stop at Langtry (Judge Roy Bean). From Marathon south on Route 385 to Big Bend National Park.
  4. Headed to Big Bend NP

    Thanks for the alternate route to Carlsbad. Getting info like that from other RVers is the best way. And thanks for the fuel and shopping tips too.
  5. Headed to Big Bend NP

    Thanks for all the great responses. We’ve decided to take US-90 and stop in Del Rio for a few days. We’ll stop in Marathon for supplies, then go south on US-385, through the park. If we can get a site we’ll stay at the Rio Grand Village CG. If not we’ll go to Terlingua. We need hookups, we have a residential frig in our RV. You gave us a lot of info what to see and do and we appreciate it. We plan to stay two weeks, and from what you have all said I hope that’s enough time. We can always extend our stay in the area – that’s what’s great about being retired and in an RV. We have to be back in PA mid-May but no set schedule until then. After we leave Big Bend we plan to go to Carlsbad Caverns – depending on weather - then west to Arizona. One post said to avoid US-285 from Pecos to Carlsbad because the road is bad due to the number of tanker trucks that use that route and the traffic is bad 24/7. When the weather permits we’ll head north to the Grand Canyon, Utah, Wyoming and east. We want to visit as many NP’s as we can.
  6. Headed to Big Bend NP

    On Sept 29 we started a thread about travelling to the southwest. We’re here - currently in Livingston, TX and we will be going to San Antonio (The Alamo) then to Big Bend NP. One route to the NP is taking us west on I-10 to Fort Stockton, then south on US-67 and TX-118 to Terlingua. This route would take us near the Caverns of Sonora which some of you recommended. Another route has us going west on US-90 to Marathon, then south on US-385, through the NP to TX-118 to Terlingua. A third choice takes us west on US-90 to Alpine, then south on TX-118 to Terlingua. Info from anyone who has visited Big Bend is appreciated. Not just for the route but also campgrounds and sites not to miss. This will be our first - and probably the only - trip to this part of the country.
  7. Sumter Oaks and Rainbow Plantation

    We’re at Rainbow Plantation now, leaving Thursday, and heading to Rainbows End on 12/16 for Christmas and New Years. Last year we were at Sumter Oaks for 2 weeks in January. Sumter Oaks has propane on site, Rainbow Plantation does not. The office staff here informed me that Rainbows End does not have propane on site but there is a truck that comes to the CG but only if there are 5 or more people needing propane. I guess that in December and January that won’t be a problem. I think Rainbow Plantation is roomier and better laid out. In both places the staff and the visitors are very friendly and the CG is well Maintained.
  8. Escapee Plaque

    Thanks. I wonder if the two plaques I saw were custom made. If I ever see one again I’ll ask.
  9. Escapee Plaque

    I’ve seen oval Escapee plaques that are about 10-11 inches wide by 6-7 inches high with the member number on it. Does anyone know where they can be purchased?
  10. Heading to the Southwest

    Wow, that’s a lot of responses and a lot of great advice especially from 2gypsies. Thank you all. We plan on going south to I-10, then heading west. We’ll stay in an area long enough to see the sights, but we don’t want to spend the winter in one spot. We’ve done dry camping - we’re not big fansthough, we prefer full hookups.
  11. Heading to the Southwest

    We are fairly new to fulltiming, just over a year. We spent our first winter on the road in the Carolina’s, Georgia and Florida. This winter we want to go to the southwest. We are currently in NE PA and after stops near Chambersburg, PA, Spartanburg, SC and N Alabama we’re planning to head to the southwest in mid to late November. What would be the best route and what kind of weather should we expect. Also, this is our first trip west and any suggestions about places to go or things to see are appreciated. We are not limited for time and plan to be back in PA in late spring. We want to visit as many National and State Parks as we can while we’re in the west.