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  1. bounder94

    Summer in Colorado

    WE are looking for a dry camping spot for about a week close to Loveland to attend a car tour in July. The tour host hotel does not allow motorhome parking with the trailers.
  2. bounder94

    Membership renewal

    Tried it several times the past few days and again a few minutes ago. When I try to log in, tells me my user name and password don't match. Tried to re-register and it tells me that name and password already taken. Can't win. Will try calling Monday.
  3. bounder94

    Membership renewal

  4. bounder94

    Membership renewal

    Been trying to renew our membership on line, no luck. Keeps telling us that our user name and password are no good.
  5. bounder94

    Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    We signed up for the $199 at the Quartsite RV show last January. They told us that we would need to pick the month and pay at the show. When we got to the RGV, that had the same special in the "Winter Texan" newspaper. I see this year that Encore is running a special of $299 for one month, still a good deal. There are several Encore RV parks in the RGV to pick from.
  6. bounder94

    Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    Victoria Palms is one of the nicest parks in the RGV. We stayed there 2 years ago using the $199/month special. Last year was Alamo Palms. both very nice gated parks. They are both Encore parks. There are more of them to choose from.
  7. bounder94

    Any advice on wintering in RGV?

    We have been going to the RGV for several years. We kinda have a route thru CO, NM, AZ, CA and end up in TX before heading back north to NE in March. This will be our 22nd year. We usually spend about a month in Quartzside during the RV show. The last two shows, we got specials for RV parks in the RGV. Last year Encore had a one month first time special for $199. Regular price would be about $800/month. I see they are already running ads for this year at $299/month. They say there are around 500 RV parks in the valley. Most of the parks will have activities, pot lucks, Jams etc.
  8. bounder94

    I'm Back.

    My "event" started in about early May with a stress test then on to the heart hospital for more tests. They told me I had one 100% blockage, one 97% and one 70%. No stints, so open heart surgery and a 4th by-pass. Had my 50th anniversary of my 33rd birthday last month. K. Wilke '94 Ford Bounder 32H
  9. bounder94

    New tires for 16" rim MH?

    Bought my Bounder in 94'. It came with Michelin 16" tires. Tried Goodyear tires once, took back for Michelins and have stayed with them. Didn't like the way it drove with Goodyear, softer ride, but wanted to wonder around. Now have 227,300+ miles.
  10. bounder94

    Parking Brake Issue

    Chuck- Try this: Go to Bounder Sounder Archive and pull up May-June issue. The brake article is under tech tips.
  11. bounder94

    Parking Brake Issue

    If you want to post your email address, I will send it to him.
  12. bounder94

    Parking Brake Issue

    Chuck- Email Juergen Cords at: cordsmm@verizon.net (may not need the.) He wrote the article for Bounder Sounder
  13. bounder94

    Parking Brake Issue

    Go to Bounder Sounder for an article on parking brakes by Juergen Cords. That may help answer your question.
  14. bounder94

    Rio Grande Valley

    We stayed for one month at Victoria Palms using their Quartzsite special of $199. We were told that we needed to pay and pick our one month while at the RV show. When we got to the valley and signed in, we found this same special in the Winter Texan, anyway we had a good stay. We were told that they had 132 units come in using this special. We have stayed at other parks in the valley, put Victoria Palms is probable the most expensive.