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  1. skyking

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Got mine in today. I do not know when I can get it installed with some health problems and planning cruise to Alaska on the 18. I am a complete novice at this, so will follow setups on here. Congratulations Gord, hope this really pays out for you. Good luck and best wishes to you.
  2. skyking

    MaximumSignal Update?

    Gordon called today and said he was ready to ship, and was charged to the credit card. Looking forward to using it.
  3. Chech out this article showing how to set up the numbers and explains the reading of the numbers and reading of data. http://www.ubersignal.com/field-test-mode The Numbers Explained When connected to a 2G, 3G, or 4G H+ network, this numerical value is known as RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and is a method of measuring wireless signals. LTE networks on the other hand, are typically measured in RSRP (Reference Signal Receive Power), which is why LTE readings are sometimes very different from previous generation signal readings. To learn more about the difference between RSSI and RSRP, check out this blog post. Decibel signal strengths will generally be double or triple digits, and it will be negative. Some phones dont show a negative sign so if your phone shows just a number such as 90, the signal strength is really -90. The closer the number is to zero, the better the reception, so -80 is a stronger signal than -90. The unit of measurement is the decibel (dB), which is a measure of the power of a signal. Similar to the volume of a stereo, the numerical value is really telling you exactly how loudly your phone is receiving the signal from your providers cellular network. The decibel scale is not linear an increase of 3 dB corresponds a signal that is twice as strong while a 10 dB increase corresponds to a 10 times increase in signal strength. So an RSSI value of -60 is actually ten times stronger than an RSSI of -70, for example. Having an accurate reading of your Received Signal Strength is crucial when youre assessing an area with the purpose of installing a possible signal boosting system. Being able to see exactly how strong your signal is, outside and inside your building, is essential in finding out how a cellular signal boosting system can improve your reception.
  4. skyking

    Advice on Alaska Cruise needed!

    Singeing, wife and I have been on 5 Alaskan cruises for two weeks each time. We used princess 2 times, Royal Carribean 2 times, and 1 time with Holland America. Over the years l have taken about 20 cruises. There is not much difference between ships. I like Celebrity, first, Holland America, second, and then Princess or Royal Caribbean, then Norweigan. On a cruise in Alaska, going to the glaciers and seeing them calve is one of the highlights of the trip. Do take a trip by helicopter and go dog sledding on the glacier. Another sidetrip was flying from Fairbanks to Coldfoot in the Artic Circle and visiting the colony to town in Coldfoot where abou 75 people live and meet the people and discover how they live, no electric, no plumbing, etc. We usually see whales along side the ships or take a side trip to view them. In Ketchican, take the train over the Klondike. We took a two week back to back cruise from Vancouver to Seward, and then back to Vancouver. We took two cruises from Vancouver to Whittier and fron Whittier back to Vancouver over a two week cruise both times. The other was a cruise and land tour for 13 days. We had seven days on the ship and 6 days tour on land by way of bus and train. The bus was was a million dollar provost and the train cars were Royal Carribean coaches. We left Vancouver for the cruise up the inside passage to Seward. Rode a nice bus to Anchorage and spent the night and on the 6th day ending in Fairbanks. Seeing Denali National Park and the mountain was an awesome experience. And take a jeep safari. Good luck, and enjoy your trip. Skt
  5. skyking


    I have an iPhone 6+ with Verizon, I have used the sim in an iPad Air, and a jetpack 6620
  6. skyking

    Omnilynx email

    Email received from Huntsville city to volunteer to return mifi for $15 credit. Who is returning?
  7. Interesting article and response from Huntsville. http://www.huntsvillecityschools.org/?L=3&PN=MainPage&DivisionID=%2711142%27&DepartmentID=%2711319%27&SubDepartmentID=%2711178%27&TabNo=2
  8. I ran into this a couple of years ago. The tvs I bought in the last year or so uses hdmi.
  9. skyking

    Millenicom Replacement ?

    Bob sea, I have the same here where I live. At home I get abou .70 down and about .38 up, I can go from the house a little bit and get 10+ down and 6+ up. And in town I get 20+ and 10 to 15 up. I am buying Gordon's amp when available.
  10. skyking

    Millenicom Replacement ?

    I ordered on 9/8/15, was charged that day, and received it today. The 6620 works as great as iPhone 6+ on Verizon data. Hope to get Gord's maximum signal booster soon. Thanks to OP for posting, looking forward to using the wifi.
  11. skyking

    Millenicom Replacement ?

    Link news about Verizon. http://whnt.com/2015/01/15/huntsville-city-schools-to-extend-employee-discounted-wi-fi-to-parents/
  12. skyking

    Winegard Carryout G2

    Check this out. http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/tv-antennas/winegard-carryout-g2.htm
  13. skyking

    No Contract Phone

    I had straighttalk for 3 years also like rv, there is no comparison, Verizon much faster and more available.
  14. skyking

    Wilson Sleek vs New Amp's coming out

    Good luck Gord, you surely deserve it after all the bs and expense.