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  1. Valuable information a lot of great information for us to consider as we prepare for our next journey. Thanks to MNRon for mentioning Vanleigh we didn’t know that brand existed.
  2. Great question Al, I have a 1Ton Dually. So pulling any of these would not be an issue.
  3. Awesome input thus far, the more we look the more we see the quality standards and workmanship has gone down hill, just like in the housing industry. Sad. May have to start looking at older models.
  4. Long time campers, future full timers looking for advice on a fifth wheel RV. We have narrowed are search to three models based on needs, comfort, storage, what we think our life style will be, imagined of course. The three contestants are Solitude 390RK, Alpine 3710KP, Montana 3790RD. Our biggest concerns are quality, construction, and performance. We understand it is Keystone vs. Grand design, so I wanted to reach out and see if there are any good or bad out there that would sway our decision. Thanks ahead of time for any input.
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