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  1. Where can I find some more feedback?
  2. Pros and cons? I can't believe that something like this can have cons. Since I am training by myself and you know what? It gives me a huge boost in my own health. So not so long ago I've found a glycerol pre-workout pump that stabilizes the hydration & endurance. Indeed it works since I've already tested it. So it's important to keep the balance up. Personally I buy these glycerol workout benefits from here since it has a good quality and not expensive price. By the way, what is your experience in it?
  3. Why make it so complicated? Forget about cable TV and switch to streaming. You will pay three times less for this than for cable TV. I did so as soon as I found out at yourmoneygeek.com about alternatives to cable television. This was my best decision in the last few years. I have no restrictions on viewing and also no annoying ads. This is the perfect solution in terms of money and quality. Soon I want to transfer my parents to streaming. I think they will be happy
  4. I had almost the same problem with my battery, but that was because I was blind or stupid, I am trying to find this out. To be honest, I had to charge my battery from time to time, and I used for that my battery charging station in my house. But for two or three times, the battery burned, and I have to spend another hundred of bucks to buy a new one. I thought it might come out from my charger, but I was wrong. The answer was my supplier. I did not know that I can't plug that kind of charger as my supplier can't give me the necessary amount of the energy and that's why I had some power surges that burned my battery and a couple of wires in my house. Well, the only one way to solve this, was to change the supplier, and that's what I did. I used the usave service for that, as a lot friends of mine told me about that, also they told me this is the best service in this field , and I will have not much to do. After that I was able to charge my battery as much as I wanted, and I have never met that issue anymore
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