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  1. Thank you for all the great responses! We did some more research. My wife found this chart that's says that many national parks have a limit of 35 or 40 feet combined, which I assume means tow vehicle and trailer. So with a 17 foot truck even the 22 would be technically prohibited in some. But I also checked the overall length of the two trailers. The overall length of the 22 is only 20 INCHES less than the 26! I do not understand how this is possible, but that is what the specs say. So bottom line is that it will make little difference if we go with the 26 instead of the 22, so we will go with the 26. National-Park-Trailer-Length-Chart.pdf
  2. We are looking to buy our first camping trailer. I am not worried about what I can tow, but I am worried that too large a trailer will limit the places we can camp. We have found a 26 foot trailer that is perfect for us. But we have also found a 22 footer that would work, it would just not be as comfortable. After a tent camping trip the past two weeks where we went to Acadia National Park, Camden State Park (ME) and High Point State Park (NJ), I am concerned that a 26 foot trailer may lock us out of some campgrounds. What do you think?
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