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  1. After reading all the posts here I think I've agreed to go with jpcoll's advice and go the car and hotel route. Looks like my rv adventure is over before it started but appreciate all the posts.
  2. I know you're right but still I'm still in the denial phase!!!
  3. Thanks all for the thoughtful replies. I was hoping someone would say option 1 (buy) as I'm trying to believe that is the best way to go. Spending 200-250 per night for the camper plus the campground fee if not parked at a Walmart from time to time will certainly add up. Obviously the camper experience would be appreciated by the kids (not to mention the pros of not having to haul suitcases from place to place and finding a hotel/motel/airBNB that accommodates all 7 of us). On the other hand a 7 seater rental is probably circa $50 per day so not that easy to justify the RV rental option for so long 😕
  4. Kirk, I have an address in Connecticut so would likely register there. Last time the dealership was able to register a car for me which I shipped here with a power of attorney I signed and sent in. Again that would limit options but I have some family which could help out even if I bought an RV in California (i.e. they would send paperwork to CT, I would send POA to CT, family would register and send plates to Cali). A bit of a hassle but if I could save money why not.
  5. Hi everyone. I've been based in Europe for work for the past 7 years with 5 kids (4 of which were born overseas). As you can imagine travelling with our pack is quite expensive so we've taken all of our vacations here in Europe to also enjoy what we haven't seen before growing up in New England and save some money at the same time. We're planning next summer already and I'd like to take the family for 6-8 weeks during July and August to visit the west coast specifically Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, Olympic and Yosemite; ~5k miles starting at LAX. We'd need to rent a car and then stay overnight so the RV option (class c min 7 seater) is certainly the way to go. However, I'm debating between these three options and could certainly use your advice: #1 - Buy an older RV between 20 and 35k and use it for our trip then possibly return to the dealer or sell. Cost $1-5k (excl. fuel). Concern is possible mechanical issues and time wasted fixing unexpected issues (limited time and 0 RV knowledge or know-how). #2 - Rent an RV from someone privately via Outdoorsy or some other place. Cost $10-12k. Concern is having mechanical issues and time wasted fixing these things on such a long trip with kids and no alternative since we have no family on the west coast. #3 - Rent from CruiseAmerca. Cost $13-15k. Concern is cost since this is the most expensive option. Pros are minimal stress even if it breaks they will just replace but that is a hefty price tag. Appreciate your advice and thanks all in advance!!!
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