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  1. I don't have any “made up addresses” and never mentioned Texas. (The “made up address” was the previous insurance agents suggestion. I store my rv in Nevada, have for yrs. Rv never goes to Cali. No lies there.. Dry, little snow and not $. I owned a house in California near the Nevada border for 30 yrs recently sold. Not made up. We had and have many ties in both states. My domicile address is in central Cali at mom in laws since we help her out due to her age and her partners age and health. But we dont live there full time, I do have a rental that we pay California taxes on. We travel a lot. I feel lucky. Once again legit. I own a home in Mexico., keep car in mex Car registered in SD following SD law. It’s insured in Mex, My reason for the question was knowing that some full timers or close to full timers have situations more complicated than someone living fulltime in stick home. Now that I dont own a home or rent in Cali, and my RV doesn’t live in Cali I see no reason to register, smog, jump through the hoops California has for that vehicle. . But... I was not totally comfortable using a SD address for my RV insurance. The reason for this is that insurance companies look for reasons not to pay a claim. So I felt at this time the SD was a grey area for me regarding my insurance and registration. I know it works for many I just wasn’t super comfy. I might work for us in the future as we really like western SD and plan to spend time there. SInce talking to the Nevada DMV and my insurance co, I now know that it is totally legal to have my drivers license in California, but since my RV is stored in Nevada I can register and insure it in NV. So license in one state, register and insure in another is totally legit depending on your circumstances.. I just want to pass that info along since that is what this forum is about.
  2. So, I jus got off the phone with the Nevada DMV. Ends up i can register the RV in NV even though I have a California license. The storage facility I keep it at is in Fallon, Nv which is rural. So I can register it there, it will only be a few hundred $ due to its a 2004. I also didn’t realize that since we bought it from a private party we dont have to pay sales tax. Escaping tax was not a goal but it is a bonus. The rv never lives in California so we dont want to register it there.
  3. Thanks for your help. We are not eligible for Medicare yet. We finally are happy and settled with our healthcare and that is the biggest reason for not wanting to change away from California yet. We use a family members address since we sold our house. We usually travel around vs spending a lot of time in 1 Rv park or area . We travel mostly western usa and canada. The western SD area is very nice, though definitely not in the winter. When not in use for a few mos in the winter we park the rv at a covered storage area in Nevada. We found a great, secure, reasonable place to store it and dont give it up as they are getting hard to find for a reasonable $. Guess its time for more homework. Being lucky enough to retire early is great but keeping good health ins is important. We might still use the escapees address. It also seems like a good club. Thanks again for your input.
  4. Hello, So.. we sold our house and now have a Phoenix Cruise we love. Still getting organized, Soooo much stuff to go through in storage. Plus we are vehicle heavy also. I guess we are a work in progress. We have registered cars we keep in Mexico in Clay County, SD. It’s easy, quick and they are very helpful on the phone. But those vehicles do not need USA insurance. Our old Rv that was registered in SD had minimal insurance and my DH used an address he made up. That’s what the Liberty Mutual agent told him to do. This Rv is much nicer and I started to wonder about an insurance company denying a claim if the address is not legitimate. We have a rental in California that is in an LLC that I dont want to change. And we have an ACA medical plan that works for us so I dont want to rock that boat. So because of this I do not want to change our domicile which is California. But... the RV is never in California, we are seldom in California. So to register the Rv in SD i think is fair as we dont want to return to smog every 2 yrs. The thing that baffles me is auto/rv insurance. I think I need a physical address. I thought of using the escapes address. But if anyone knew of a company that gives an address in Clay County, SD it might be helpful as we have been dealing with them for yrs. I think the office is in Vermillion, SD, Clay County. The title for the new to us Rv is on the way as we bought from a private party so I am trying to get something figured out. Thanks for any help and I apologize for the confusing first post. But you guys seem to be the go to people for the fulltime help. I have already searched this forum before I asked for help.
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