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  1. Hello, I'm a new owner of a 2012 Jayco 1207 tent trailer and this past weekend ran into some issues on our 3rd trip of the season. It was our first run at a non electric site and sure enough our trailer wouldn't pop up (electric pop up). To my dismay the crankshaft for the feet isn't the crankshaft i need to manually pop the trailer up. After getting some help from another camper we ruled out a blown fuse or dead battery but he identified for me that my wiring harness is just a 4 way spliced to a 7 prong connector, told me that it's not charging my battery and won't lift the roof when connected to the vehicle as a result as well. We got the trailer up eventually after running over a 100' of extension cords to the nearest outlet. After this my propane didn't work even though the tanks were full and working (tried on the BBQ) and we used the propane successfully for the water heater the previous trip a few weeks earlier. So my questions are. 1) How do i manually pop up an electric pop up? 2) With a proper wiring harness installation would i be able to pop it up when connected to a running vehicle? 3) what can i do to see if there's a blockage in the propane system, do i have to take it in for service or is there something I can try myself first? Thanks in advance.
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