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  1. Thank you all very much for the input, this helps a lot. So far the only issue we have had is one of our credit cards (Capital One) will not let us use the Rainbow address as the physical address (the billing took fine), all the others have accepted it (we have to call one bank, Bank of America, as they do a USPS verification and will not accept our "site #" in the address). We have not attempted to update the address for the bank that has our RV loan, after Cap One balking we were a little concerned, wont know until we try. To TwoToes post, we still need to purchase our tow vehicle but we will still be in our home so we should be ok there and we intend on doing the same as your friend - using the proceeds to pay down our truck and rv loans as well as clear those pesky credit cards. I will reach out to the one bank causing the issue to see how they would like me to handle it - use my mom's address or what. We cannot wait to get on the road. Thanks again for the assistance.
  2. We just joined Escapees in May and just this week set up our mail service and are choosing to use TX as our domicile (we have lived here for 10+ yrs). When I mentioned this to our RV dealer they told me financial institutions frown on the borrower not having a physical address, which we will not as we are selling our house and living on the road. I started changing our address with our various banks, etc. and am running into issues when trying to update my physical address to the Rainbow drive address (it is recognized as a mail forwarding address). Has anyone else experienced this yet and if so how did you make it work? If push comes to shove I could possibly use my mom's address but it is in a different state and am not sure how that would affect taxes, insurance, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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