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  1. My wife and I are new to fulltime living and some of the things shared here can be difficult to comprehend for someone who hasn't tried it. We elected to use Escapees mail service and love it. If there is one draw back to using an electronic mail service it is getting those you business with to stop sending you paper mail. It cost you money every time they do this. I have found it best to wait until I am at a location for a few days and have escapees place my mail in one envelope and mail it to me. We are now in Rapid City SD and will get our drivers licnese tomorrow then have our vehicles registered here. We have an address provided by Escapees in Box Elder SD and have stayed five nights in the state (although it only called for one night). Regardless of the cost with membership and mail service through Escapees we have saved much more on the discounts provided by being a member than we have spent. Not sure about the plans for using the YMCA for bathing we use our camper or the facilities at the campground. I agree with the others, black tanks and grey water are part of the life.
  2. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    whatever you think.... have a good day
  3. ok wasn't sure of the ccc but yes that sounds correct. you can increase the capacity with their triple axle frame but I didnt want to do that.
  4. 39FB the weight is approx 19250 and GVW is 21000. I have not put it on the scale yet but plan to as soon as we head out tomorrow. I have a 2018 dodge ram 3500 DRW with a 410 gear and auto leveling. It pulls it with no problem. CCC ?
  5. Some of you had requested that I follow up with the reply from those at Escapes on this subject below is my email and their response: My wife and I recently became full timers. I’ve read your articles on domicile locations and we have elected to use South Dakota. When I provided my financial institution (Charles Schwab) with the SD address provided by escapees they rejected the address. Schwab stated that due the Patriot Act they could not utilize a commercial address as my residence. Is this something you have heard of from the banking industry? Response: Yes, that is quite common now since the Patriot Act. FINRA and the SEC are requiring that Brokers / Advisors obtain a sticks and bricks address in order to maintain investment accounts for purposes such as money laundering, etc. If you would like to discuss this further, we have a financial advisor that works with RV'ers that can explain it to you and also explain how you can still maintain your accounts and be compliant with the Patriot Act.
  6. Sorry for the delay on this. The RV Factory will basically do whatever it takes to meet your needs. We began planning our purchase two years ago. We have been Rving for several years and have had TT and 5th wheels. We flew the Elkhart na d visited the five plants that we had narrowed our possible purchase down to. I am glad we did because some products were not as well built as we thought they were. When we left Elkhart we knew it would come down to two products. Both are well built but the Luxe product by the RV Factory was our choice. They do have standard floor plans but they can be altered and the colors, fabrics and other items can be at your discretion. My wife wanted a special tile for the back splash in the kitchen and bath. They did not stock this product but allowed us to have it shipped to them and they installed it. Nothing is standard including the exterior paint. As to the AC and heated floors question you have, I can't answer that but, I am sure they would entertain your request. We are very pleased with the product and the service they provide.
  7. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Ray IN thank you for taking the time to look into this and confirm my suggestions on the use of hydrogen peroxide. Its a very inexpensive product and has worked well for me in the past.
  8. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    OMG my suggestion was to use it as a cleaning agent not water purification. If you put diesel on a hot surface the flash point become greater than gasoline. As to being pissed off I guess its better than being pissed on.
  9. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Yes I have too, especially after extended stays in Florida or where the water has a sulfa smell. I did not realize how bad it was until I returned home and stored my RV for a month then tried to use it again. I thought something had died in the unit. I used bleach but it did not work so someone suggest hydrogen peroxide to me and it worked great. I did flush my hot water tank but did not heat it. I have talked with others who have used white vinegar but they were told not to use it in the hot water tank because it could damage the liner.
  10. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Kirk, for clarification was referring to cleaning the system no purifying the water. I have used hydrogen peroxide straight off the shelf from walmart. I simply treated the system the same way I would if I was winterizing the system. Let it sit for a couple of hours and flush the system. If I recall it took approx three or four gallons.
  11. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Barbaraok like many other blogs or discussion groups there are always some who think they know more than others and become defensive when they feel challenged. Im not going to get into what my degrees are in or what medical school I attended. I will however challenge you to to do the research yourself. Z, I understand what the tanks are made of and was offering a better solution that I know works for all surfaces and structures. Have a good day.
  12. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Bleach does not kill mold on porous surfaces and can actually contribute to mold growth! ... This means that chlorine bleach can only kill surface mold. Because mold can grow deep roots within porous surfaces, such as wood and drywall, bleach will not assist you in exterminating mold. Off thew shelf hydrogen peroxide will work. After 42 years in public health and dealing with this type of issues I can assure you bleach doesn't work in every case.
  13. Billy W

    Fresh Water

    Just as a reminder, "bleach does not kill mildew, mold and some algae" it only bleaches it so it looks like its gone. I would suggest using hydrogen peroxide. Its cheep and in eliminates the oxygen the bacteria need to grow. You can also use white vinegar but it is a mild acetic acid 2% and it smells too.
  14. My wife and I just took delivery of our new Luxe fifth wheel. Luxe produces 4 to six units a month. Each one is custom and you can include or eliminate items like you are looking at. Our choice of this product was because they are willing to customize the unit and work with the owners.
  15. I have sent my financial planner a email and reminded him that Schwab needs to review their stance on this. Its obvious that many full-timers and those moving in this direction are not doing so because we can't afford to live in a brick and mortar structure. I reminded him that Schwab could be missing out on a growing market and could be losing some current clients. Thank you for your responses and I will keep you posted on the outcome Billy W
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