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  1. Our electric slide motor on the big slide of our 2011 Jayco Pinnacle was having problems pushing out and bringing in the slide. We had the motor replaced at a cost of +$500. The new slide motor is worse than the old slide motor and won't bring in the slide! It was not the same model number but vendor said it was the designated replacement. Both motors were 1/10 hp and 12 rpm. This seems small to me. Does anyone have any recommendations what might be causing the slide problems. Would a more powerful motor be a better solution? All comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. It is not important to identify the particular business. Rather, be sure one looks at the parts being replaced. My mistake was not visually checking the replacement springs before they were installed. A simple measurement would have showed there was a problem brewing.
  3. When we had new springs put on in Wells Nevada, the technician put on the wrong springs. There was a long spring and a short spring on each side. This unbalanced the load on the axels and caused the equalizer to pivot and push the tires together. We had a great service shop in Maraposa CA (Tom's Truck and Auto) put new springs of proper size on the RV and we are back on the road.
  4. I had new springs put on my fifth-wheel and added new shackles with wet bolts. After several hundred miles down the road I find one of the shackles on each side has flipped and the tires are now rubbing! Does anyone know what caused this and how I can have it repaired? I have a picture attached. see right side of picture. We are stranded in a Church parking lot in Modesto California waiting for a repair man who agreed to come on a Sunday afternoon.
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