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  1. Greetings, all. My wife, friends and RV dealer sales people all look at me funny whenever I focus on hitch/pin weight while shopping for our 1st 5th Wheel (TT). Please help me understand the various weight limits to be considered when towing. I understand TT GVWR, UWR, CCC and TV GCWR, GAWR and max towing capacity. What I don't understand is how TT hitch weight and TV payload fit into the equation. If the TT's hitch weight is going onto the TV, it counts as payload and contributes to GVWR, right? I'm finding many examples where folks appear to be exceeding their TV's GVWR with payload, e.g., their TT's hitch weight, but are still within their TV's GCWR and towing capacity. Example is a TV with 10k GVWR, 25,300 GCWR and factory payload (door sticker) of 1776 payload (pax, cargo, etc.). Its owner tows a TT with 10,765 GVWR and 1910 hitch weight. They're still within TV's GCWR but they're over the TV's payload and GVWR. What gives? I'm trying to buy a 5th Wheel and want to stay within the weight limits for my TV: 2018 RAM 2500 Laramie 4x4, CC, SB, Diesel, 3.42 axle; GVWR is 10k, GCWR is 25,300, factory payload is 1942 (curb wt 8058), GAWR is 6000 steer/6500 drive, max towing capacity is 17,080. I weighed my TV using CATS scale with me and DW, full gas and a 90# ProTrax tonneau cover, results: 8240 (4940 steer, 3300 drive). The 8240 weight does not include the 185# PullRite SuperGlide hitch I intend to buy; add that and now my truck weight is 8425. Subtract that from my 10k GVWR and my available payload = 1575#, right? So, based on above, my 5th Wheel's hitch weight cannot exceed 1575# or I'll be over my payload and GVWR. Does this matter? Am I okay, so long as I don't exceed my GAWR and GCWR? Please help! Thanks in advance.
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