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  1. lol im very good at tight manuevers but some of these camgrounds are just boderline impossible to maneuver in because of the posts littered throughout the CG
  2. thank you, from the looks of it the sites are big but im wondering about the loop itself if theres enough room to back in easily. I was at Heartbar campground a couple weeks ago and the sites themselves had tons of room but it back in and pull out was a nightmare... If towed trailers to some tight places but that CG was really poorly laid out
  3. thank you I looked at those pictures they dont really give you a good idea of how easy it is to maneuver through the campground though
  4. my big concern is inside the actual campground because some of them are littered with posts and you literally have less then 1 inch on each side to back in. The last camp ground I went to I almost gave up and left that campground it was really bad and I had a double wide site
  5. I was searching online and couldn't find any information on the accessibility once you're in the campground Does anyone have any intel on this campground?
  6. howdy all, Im gonna be heading with the 30ft 5th wheel to Upper Billy Creek campground, will I have any issues maneuvering into the spot? any insight would be greatly appreciated
  7. I just wanted to post this is a PA so I went to that campground and maneuvering in and out of there is terrible I mean really terrible. Ive never had to maneuver through such a tight space they have railroad tracks posts littered (installed) throughout the campground the clearances on each side was less then an inch
  8. thanks Kirk for the warm welcome, yes that is the campground I am referring to
  9. howdy I am going to camping at the Heart Bar Campground near Big Bear with a 30 foot 5th wheel TT and I have a double wide campsite Am I going to have any issues maneuvering into the spot?
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