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  1. Hello everyone! We are getting ready to start our RV life in a 35 Ft Georgetown on April 17th. It is with excitement and trepidation that we are plunging ahead. I will be retiring on the 17th and we start our journey in the first RV park. We are very familiar with this RV park. I have tried to contemplate all expenses to ensure that we have a budget that will work but of course there are unknowns especially for someone just starting. I will appreciate any feed back, knowledge or ideas that have worked for everyone when they started out. Reservations, traveling without reservations, problems encountered without reservations. boon-docking,or best in budgeting, any information that you have that could make the transition easier. We have 2 dogs who are a handful and one is afraid of everything. I feel like I am leaping off of a cliff. Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. I don't even know the right questions to ask at this point. I have tried to research as much as I can. Thanks again. Pat LeBlanc
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