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  1. Does your friend have an account on this forum so I could contact him? Also I've heard conflicting information, such as federal law requiring vehicles to be registered in the state of permanent residence. So for a Canadian I'd still have to register/insure my vehicle with my home province of Ontario and eat the insane 13% book value tax + fees. So is it true that the snow birds that I'm hearing about registering/insuring a vehicle in another state are doing it through some kind of loophole?
  2. Yes Canadians lose their health and other benefits if they reside outside of Canada for more than 6 months in a 12 month period. There are a lot of travel health insurance plans offered by private companies. Some banks and travel credit cards also offer supplemental health insurance for short-term travel. Maybe drop by a travel agent or insurance broker.
  3. Hello! I'm a Canadian resident with no permanent address in the states. The tax and insurance in my province of Ontario is brutal and used vehicles/rvs get beat up by winter/salt. I'd rather buy an RV in the states, register and insure it there to get something in better condition and save on taxes. I have no intention of bringing of driving it around in Canada though I may bring it back to Canada to sell it. Is it legally possible to register and insure a vehicle as a foreigner and non-resident?
  4. Hi All, Planning to RV into the southwest after wife graduates and before she gets a job, I need help is choosing the best fit to be both comfortable and economical during this time. Requirements: Will be travelling 3000-6000 miles for at least two months (possibly May - July or October - November) Plan to visit national parks, climb lots of mountains, off-road a bit, and go hiking Need decent shower, toilet, propane fridge/cooking elements Will need decent A/C to survive heat/sun in southwest Accommodations for two adults (married couple) and occasional relatives who tag along for a few days Looking for decent fuel economy (15mpg = 400 gallons = 1200 USD, 8mpg = 750 gallons 2250 USD, assuming $3/gallon) Thoughts I have looked into rentals and for this period/mileage they seem brutally expensive (+6000 USD). I was thinking of buying an RV or trailer/tow vehicle. I want to buy used to avoid the depreciation hit because I plan on selling them after I'm done. I like the trailers with the slide outs, they seem less claustrophobic. I would take a tent trailer but it gets really hot in the southwest and I'm not sure these tent trailers can keep you cool when temperatures are in triple digits. Not sure how much of a hassle it is to have a trailer/tow vehicle setup vs a motor RV I was thinking of a 19-24 foot trailer and a 1/2 ton gas engine pickup would strike the right balance of comfort and economy. Help Needed Could you please give me suggestions on the best fit for us, either a mobile RV or a trailer/tow vehicle combo? Is there a chart or information on the fuel economy of trailer/pickup combinations? Is there a website that shows a map and cost of RV parks? Thanks a million!
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