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    I love boondocking in my Revel!

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  1. I just purchased a Winnebago Revel about 2 months ago. I no longer have a need for my toad. Toad: 2012 Honda CRV- LOADED LOADED LOADED- Even has the drop down dvd player screens This is the last year for the CRV, 13 and above can't be towed all four. 92k miles No dings, dents, no nothing. Super clean car. It has a braking system already installed. It uses the air, so if you don't have an air brake on your vehicle, you'll need to get this $500 part installed. I never used the brake but I was planning on getting that air compressor gadget installed sooner or later. I have included a brand new Blue Ox tow bar... looks like you don't need one... Neither do I after it's sold. Mine is brand new and even still has the warranty papers zip tied to the bar. What else??? Oh the lights and diodes are already ran, no need to deal with that install either. I made a cord because I didn't feel like buying a ridiculously priced one. I'll include that as well in the sale. The vehicle will need some tires. The tires are in excellent shape but the senior guy that I bought it from never rotated them, so they have flat spots on all four. I won't go any lower than 10k as this vehicle is priced to sell. I am constantly traveling and don't want to sit on it. I purchased it at $13,500 in July... so I am taking a small loss, no biggie. Call me at 480-677-5356 or feel free to text me Aaron
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