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  1. Thanks so much everyone for your imput and very helpful info. We have decided to limit the trip to La to Vegas. My sister will do a day trip to Grand Canyon as we have seen this before. We will take 2 days to get from Vagas to Yosimite staying at Oakhurst before going through the park and having 2 days in Yosimte View Lodge. Any must or interesting see's on the trip from Vegas to Oakhurst? We will have 3 days at San Fran and then a slow 3/4 day trip back from San Fran to LA. We have hired a Dodge caravan from Alamo car hire and plan to buy camping gear to cut our accommodation costs (which seem very high especially in Yosimite, Vagas and San Fran!) Our car hire includes unlimited mileage, cdw allocated inclusive ep protection, vehicle license recovery and additional driver. Would we need any other cover for the USA? Unfortunately our travel insurance only covers car hire for 15 days and we have 116 days. And we only have a debit card. Is there a private company that does roadside assist for foreigners and car hire as Alamos is quite an expensive daily rate. Is there a way of paying tolls, again bypassing the expensive car hires option? We will be going to Yosimite but then travelling around the States for 4.5 months. What would be the best pass option to get into these parks. My husband will be 63 and I will be 61. We don't have our car rego until we arrive on 5th May. Again many thanks for your help. Cheers Jan
  2. Hi, We are planning a trip with my sister and brother in law and have about 15 days to go from LA to LA in early May. Thia is a rough plan but would appreciate your thoughts and expertise. We are wanting to see as many highlights of the area but trying not to spend the time just in the car. We may need to cut something out to achieve this. We arrive off the cruise ship on 4th May 4th Palm Springs 5th 8th May Vegas 9th Grand Canyon 10th Death Valley 11th & 12 Yosimite (thinking of staying at Mariposa outside the park. (Is their a cheaper way of getting into the park pre buying a pass. Is a day 1/2 day tour in the park recommended. Will certain roads be a problem? 13th Lake Tahoe 14th Sonna wine country 15th 16th San Fran 17th Monterey 18th Santa Barbara Back to LA Are there any must see things to see or do. We then go on for another 4 months around travel around the States, but as we have a short time with my sister, and they are flying back to Australia this has to be more structured. Many thanks Jan
  3. Hi, Thanks for all the info and your experience. As we are only travelling for just under 5 months we have decided to hire a car. We have booked a dodge caravan 7 seater and plan to buy some camping equipment, fridge stove etc for roadside meals and drinks but mainly stay in motels and Airbnb. The cost is about $5000 and includes insurance and unlimited mileage. I think this will be cheaper and a lot less hassel than buying and selling. I really appreciate your expertise. Thanks Jan
  4. Thanks Linda for all these great links. You are right it is a "huge job" doing all this planning but great fun😀😀 so much to see and do. Am just going through them now. I didnt think of it but we will be in the North East States (Boston area) for 4th July so will have to start researching the best place to celebrate!!
  5. Thanks for the info on must see's. We have decided to rent a Dodge Caravan and buy q mattresses for the back and get basic camping gear. Do these parks have places to stay our is camping the only option. Also if it is summer how day is it to get accommodation. We are not pre planning our booking so wonder if this will be a problem?
  6. Thanks to everyone for your advice. I think taking into account what you have all said we will probably hire a car, stay in hotels. Choice sounds like a good option, possibly hire a rv for part of the way and definately fancy the train. We both come from parents that worked on the Railways in Zimbabwe (where we are originally from) so have very fond childhood memories of train trip holidays. I think this will be a fun and exciting way to travel around the USA and see as much as we can in our limited time. It is all very new and exciting and I have lots of research and booking ahead, but made so much easier with your valuable advice. If we hired a camper which part of the States would be best suited for RV'ing. I know that is rather ambiguous questiin but any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks again Jan
  7. Thanks Kirk. Quotes to rent are about $20,000. We would have to pay the extra for unlimited mileage. I agree motels/hotels can be impersonal. Maybe a few days to a week in a Airbnb apartment would help our a lodge in a National park. Still very undecided but so helpful to get everyone's views to help with the decision.
  8. Thanks Todd It is sounding like the way to go and the easier option. Is is ok just to arrive and get a motel/hotel? When are the peak seasons/school holidays that we may need to think of pre booking. We use Airbnb a lot here in Australia. Thanks again xx
  9. Thanks, we would definately be interested in train travel and a sleeper would be a good option. When I clicked the link it said the page was not available, and when I tried to sign in our would not accept my ip address. It must be for US citizens only. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jan
  10. Thanks Todd, I have printed this off and will start looking at a route keeping these highlights in mind. . To mix up a bit of train travel would be fun and probably more relaxing.
  11. Thats very interesting Bruce. Thanks for the detailed info. We are very tempted to see as much as we can as I am not sure if we will get back and would love so see all the highlights, but without feeling like we are in The Amazing Race. Your info was very helpful.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the invaluable information. I will check out the links and follow up on your leads. We are arriving and leaving on a cruise ship as my husband can't fly long distances but can do up to 3 to 4 hours so sounds like we need to get out of California to buy. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good hire company, this may be an option for us to look into. Another may be to buy a late model car with the view to resell and stay in motels and Airbnb but again I would have to resesrch accommodation prices. Our itinerary is not set in stone, and although we do want to see as much as possible we definately want to be able to enjoy and not feel like we are rushing and continually driving. Thanks again for taking the time to reply and I will be back for more advice😀
  13. Hi, We are a couple from Australia in our 60's planning a 5 month trip around USA in May next year arriving in Los Angelos and leaving on 28th September from San Francisco. We are looking for advice on the best way to buy a small camper that we can sell at the end. I am looking for advice on insuring and licencing the vehicle. We are thinking of going to Los Vagas, Grand Cannon, Arizona Texas New Orleans, Florida, Washington, New York Main and then heading bck west to San Francisco. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jan and Al
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