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  1. My experience over the last 5 years it's nearly impossible to find Solo dating. Being on the road limits meeting chances. I joined Escapees because it is a younger crowd with focus on meeting up and social activities. However, nearly all I have met are young families. All great to meet and social so the club is right on that account but still a struggle for singles. In fact I will be meeting some young "couples" in May for some fun in CO....but...I will be the Solo, Single...lol Someone mentioned Becky already. It wasn't an article it was actually a discussion start on one of these forums almost exactly on this topic but from the female perspective. It was a terrific discussion and it came to the same conclusion that it's extremely difficult for Solos to cross paths let alone those Solos having enough in common to start a Nomadic Lifestyle dating...
  2. There are a TON of great links in this thread...thank you all....
  3. KnoxSwift

    Alaska 2019

    I have done this trip through BC and Yukon 3 times. Let me know if I can help with questions. The last time I did this trip was just 2 years ago...
  4. KnoxSwift


    Yup. That's what I figured... I will still follow this topic as I am all about boondocking Big or small.
  5. KnoxSwift


    So this is in the HDT section, are you only interested in speakers with HDT? (As pointed out by Glenn and BL) I'm not sure you'd want to here from us little camper guys?? LOL
  6. When using an adapter, your towing capacity and tongue weight will be reduced by 50%. For example, if you have 5,000 lbs towing and 500 lbs tongue weight, you will be reduced to 2,500 lbs towing and 250 lbs tongue weight. This is because the hitch extender moves the load out farther from your vehicle, applying more leverage to your hitch. https://www.etrailer.com/faq-hitch-adapters-extenders.aspx
  7. I'm late to the conversation but have you considered the Four Wheel Campers Flat bed models? https://fourwh.com Depending on the truck built on can keep the price considerably lower than the full blown 4x4 RVs. I am in a smaller FWC and can say they are truly go anywhere as well as the larger models are well equipped for full time.
  8. SUCCESS. Was able to keep the ignitor and high voltage cable. Just pulled the push button and the AAA 1 Terminal sparker fit exactly into the same spot. It sparks like crazy. It seems like this will work. Still takes a while to light, but I can push and hold a button forever compared to those Piezo's that ware out every 100 clicks.
  9. Thanks. This has answered a few questions I had. I have my BBQ igniter just trying to find the time to work on the mod...I'll post if it was successful or not. I hope this weekend I will get some time.
  10. Late to the conversation but I'd vote for Dual Sport Motorcycle with the other couple I see that posted the same. Great Gas Mileage. Dirt or Street. 2Up possible. Good Mule to haul around groceries or whatever. Low Maintenance. Not hard to tow at all, many towing options available. Riding in weather is part of the adventure...LOL
  11. Sorry for late reply. I live in unincorporated area. Not many rules... However, I already have a driveway installed that can support 2 RVs.
  12. Both methods work. Of course the bowl is a little better because it doesn't evaporate as quickly. Bowl outside works too, with a light above it attracts them in.... The squirt bottle you can hit them through your screens too...LOL
  13. A mixture of Dawn Dish soap and warm water actually kills them. They breath through their body, the soap clogs this up and kills them. This is a trick that Apple Growers have used.
  14. Yup, sounds like it...LOL! They know where to find me...
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