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  1. The unit looks like factory installed so it’s likely 16 years old. Thanks for the link I’ll definitely check it out!
  2. Travel trailer I must have what they told me wrong then. They said ot was not worth fixing. So I’m not sure of the details. It is a Norcold 510. It looks as if it’s factory installed.
  3. I have considered how much weight I would be adding to the RV. It’s a small ultra lite unit (2300 lbs dry weight) and it doesn’t allow a really large payload. Im considering the solar options everyone has suggested, but did not realize a Refrigator could be purchased used. I will look into that as well. I will basically have the lights a laptop and phone chargers and whatever Refrigator I install for normal electric useage. The old refrigerator stopped working on gas 3 years ago but worked great on electric so I just use a generator or shore power for it. Now the electric part has quit working. I’ve had to the RV repair shop and they say it would be cheaper to replace it. Both the control panel and compressor are bad and that still would not fix the gas issue.
  4. Thank you all for your very informative responses. I will read those links and try to make a decision as I learn more about it. I had no idea that I would have to run a generator that much! Over the course of the summer that would amount to a lot of gasoline. I will check out the solar but I know that I have so much to learn there! Trailer is a Jayco Feather only 16 feet long and the tongue area where the batteries are at is very crowded. Also thank you for the warm welcome! I really like everything I’ve read all the forms and it seems like a great community. I will try to read more topics that will help me to understand using an RV for more than a couple weeks a year.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to the community. I’m going to be moving into my small RV in the next few months. The refrigerator is not working and it will cost to much to be replaced. I am trying to keep the spending down as much as possible. What are your thoughts on putting in a small garage/patio type unit like cubic 3 ft. A/C freezer refrigerator in its place? They vary in electric usage from $26 to $13 a year and from 197 kWh so 138 k a year. And I will be Boondocking probably 90% of the time for 6 months of the year and on my property with electricity the other six months. I have only one large marine battery, but I do have a generator. Another concern is will it hold up to the shaking and jarring that the RV will have driving on unpaved roads Boondocking?
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