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    New RV buyer looking for advice

    chirakawa, Thanks. I should have been able to break the code on “fiver.” Now I can think of a lot of things that get some guys really excited. So I’ll just let my imagination run wild.
  2. Oldav8r

    New RV buyer looking for advice

    Can somebody give a guy a break here? please decode: HDT - TT - Fiver - thanks
  3. Oldav8r

    Navigation App.

    Thanks Kirk. I’ve given some thought to renting. Class A’s are a little spendy to rent but, I suppose, cheaper than buying one and discovering we don’t care for life on the road. BTW.. I note your dolphins and SSBN Patrol badge. BZ sir.
  4. Oldav8r

    Navigation App.

    Thanks to all for your welcome and suggestions. SWharton: “I also think you are putting the cart before the horse” This made me smile because my wife said the same thing and of course this is simply day-dreaming at this point. Some background by way of explanation. I have spent 50+ years as a professional pilot. 21 years as a Naval Aviator, another 18 with an airline and the last 12 in corporate/charter. In brief, planning is what I do. 😎 The question came up as I “planned” some trips and found very little that would do what I was looking for. So.. don’t own the MH yet; timing’s not quite right. I’m doing that research and I’ll be back here with more detailed questions as I get smarter. My bride and I went to a local RV show and ran into several active RV-ers who were happy to share tips and experiences. We learned a lot (shockingly- more than from the salesmen 😉). Thanks for the prompt input. I’m pleased that this forum is active and that responses come in real time. I’ll be back frequently. (In the mean time I’ll be secretly planning fantasy trips)
  5. Oldav8r

    Navigation App.

    Hello All, New member with a few questions. I am about a year away from retirement. We are intending to buy a Class A sometime over that time and hit the road semi-full time in search of a permanent place to land. in the mean time, I’m doing research on the RVs and the lifestyle. Hoping that Escapees will be a useful resource. I’ll start with this: I’m looking for a navigation app which will let me easily tailor my route as well as driving speeds/time/distance as necessary. Of course info on nearby parks which will accept the size vehicle (and dogs). The standard nav apps assume shortest distance and highway speed limits which won’t necessarily apply to a motorhome. Anything like this available? I apologize if this subject belongs in another forum and/or has been previously covered. I couldn’t find a search function to check for earlier threads. Please chalk it up to a rookie mistake and feel free to direct me accordingly. Thanks.