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  1. technomadness

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    Maybe but there's no mention of "a number of days allowed" under a pass. It's just described as an "annual camping pass".
  2. technomadness

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    Nope, I'm specifically talking about the zone pass. If you go to the website right now, there is no mention of fees for extra days or limits on the number of days covered by the zone pass, that I can see. Calling it an "Annual camping pass" and no mention of limitations of number of nights seems to make it clear. I checked the "more information" page, the member agreement, the terms agreement, etc. Only thing I found was restrictions on how many days sequential and park to park rules, and general camping rules. Now I heard this was a very recent change (like in the past couple of weeks.) And I went to the site to make sure I hadn't misunderstood, and that's how I ended up reading every contract/agreement/terms that I could find short of actually buying. Your suspicious that I'm confused for the same reason I'm asking the question-- this seems to be a significant change. But if it isn't change then their website seems pretty deceptive at this point. But if someone can find the terms that lays out the fees for extra days and how many days you get with a zone pass, please feel free to link.
  3. Hello- I haven't hit the road yet, and as I'm doing research I came across thousand trails. This company is confusing, and their marketing and website don't make it easier. So, I have seen several videos about the camping pass saying you have a certain number of days in the pass of "free" camping (covered by the pass) then after that your additional nights cost a few bucks. (This is just talking about TT campgrounds in the regular system.) But i also heard this recently changed. And I can't find anything in the membership agreement about this. There are no limits on the number of nights in a year and no mention of additional fees. The only limits I find are the consecutive night limits and park to park rules, and of course general camping rules. So, am I missing it somewhere or did this change? Cause $500 for 100 nights a year of camping would probably be quite a good deal for me. Shoot I could probably get 2 zones and do 150 nights a year. But I'm wary of fronting that much cash and then not using it or finding out there are gotchas I hadn't considered. FWIW, rig is a DIY class-B