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  1. HazNavy

    Towing Course

    2gypsies, Thank you very much for the information. v/r HazNavy
  2. HazNavy

    Towing Course

    Before I go out and purchase my desired 30' travel trailer, I would like to take a driving course. I am located in the Pacific Northwest and have my tow vehicle and the time to do this over the next several months. Can anyone recommend a driving course with certified instructors? Thank you in advance. v/r HazNavy
  3. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Understand now...thank you. Not worth the hassle for me to change from TX to SD to save 2% in sales tax for an $80,000 purchase; it would be a different story if I was buying something much more expensive. Thank you all for the information.
  4. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Hasn't all this avoiding to pay sales tax in the state one resides resulted in some serious badness for the individual(s) once the states get savvy? While I'm not looking to pay more than I have to, I will pay what I need to to stay out of that potential mess.
  5. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Kirk, My wife and I were discussing going down to TX to find our Airstream and towing it back to WA. I will look into changing everything over to the Escapees TX address as well, thanks for the information. v/r Tod
  6. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Kirk, No, we haven't found our Airstream yet but, have been researching for about 2 years now; started down the usual path of diesel pusher to 5er to travel trailer. My wife and I looked at more RVs over the last 2 years than I care to think about and have found the Airstream brand to have what we want. We are planning to full-time with our two young sons when we retire from the Navy (me in 2019 and my wife in 2020); we will not have a home base per se but will keep our TX affiliation. No, we are both down the road at the hospital in Bremerton. Thank you for your "silent" service and the advise here. v/r Tod
  7. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Kirk and Second Chance, Thank you very much for the advice, I will consider both before purchasing.
  8. HazNavy

    Best place to register new Airstream

    Sir, Thank you very much for the information; I'm still going to be hit with an 8.25% sales tax if I purchase here.
  9. Background: Active duty TX resident serving outside of TX getting ready to retire with > or = 60% disability in JULY 2019 purchasing a new to me, Airstream before retirement in the state of WA. *** Qualifying Statement*** I have looked on the internet for these answers but, don't think I am wording the question correctly to give me the answers I need. Question: 1). Do I have to register the Airstream in WA?; 2). If not, where is the least financially impactful state to register (8.25% sales tax in WA for example)?; 3). For the veterans out there, what state offers "lifetime tags" for disabled vets? Apologies if these are stupid questions and, thank you in advance.