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  1. Thank you! We’re excited and itching to get going, but know we need to do our research first!
  2. I should have been more clear. I’m looking for a double sink to make doing dishes easier. No need for a double vanity! I just put it down as a criteria because I’ve seen several newer model with only one small sink.
  3. Thank you for your advice - it’s much appreciated! So you think that with a 10yr old used rig we would still lose 25% in a year?
  4. Thank you for sharing that link - very detailed intro to RV buying!
  5. That’s a good point too. Definitely not something we would have initially thought about!
  6. Great advice! We‘ll make sure to ‚test-live‘ in it!
  7. Thank you for your feedback and input! We really appreciate all of you taking time to answer our newbie questions. We’re currently considering a 2004 Fleetwood Southwind 32VS - any pros or cons with this brand/model (I know it’s a subjective question, but that’s kinda the point too)? Any particular issues to aware of?
  8. Wow, thank you for taking the time and typing this out for us, Chad Heiser. I’m going to have to read all of this at least one more time to soak it in. We really appreciate all the info we can get in order to realize our ‘crazy’ dream without ever having owned an RV before. We’ve been going back and forth between a towable and a MH, so honestly we’re still not quite sure which best suits our needs and wants. The main reason why we originally decided to definitely get a 5th wheel was car seat safety so that’s definitely still in the back of my mind...
  9. Thank you for your elaborate reply. Originally we were going to get a 5th wheel and a tow truck, but since we intend to travel and explore (instead of staying put in one place for extended periods) we decided it’s better for us to go with something that’s quicker to set up and break down. Also class A or C are inherently self-contained which we prefer since we want to boondock a lot too. Essentially we think of our rig as a bedroom and kitchen area, our living room will be outdoors (too hipster? ;-) ) Our Intention after our year of travel is to sell EVERYTHING since we’ll be moving to Europe after. Good point about checking the previous owner’s competency... I’m already shocked to find out that 90% of owners I’ve talked to don’t know what CCC is or where to find it... We really had our heart set on that Bigfoot we found... is there a way to increase CCC? (Probably a stupid beginner question). I’m not talking about ‘bring less stuff’... but are there modifications we could get to increase what the rig can handle?
  10. That’s a good idea! Thank you, I’ll check out their website!
  11. We’re located in SE Alabama. Not many dealers with used inventory here, so hopefully that will change soon with all the spring trade-ins.
  12. Thank you for that suggestion. Unfortunately the closest ppl is over 10 hours away...
  13. Hi all. I've been reading on this forum quite a bit and love how active it is. I was hoping all you experienced RVers could give my husband and me some guidance on what rig to buy. Here's our plan: We want to travel the country for at least one year with our (now) 2 year old. We are open to the idea of buying a Class C or Class A, but here are our main criteria: 1. NEEDS to have a sleeping solution for our toddler that we don't have to set up everyday (leaning towards Class C because it's more common to find bunks in those). We're also open in remodeling a closet or other space into a bunk if that's a viable option. 2. USED and under 40k, we don't mind doing cosmetic remodeling. 3. Max length 32, preferably 30' 4. CCC of at least around 2,000lbs (We found a Bigfoot that we REALLY liked, but turns out the CCC is only 455lbs) 5. double sink (or is that something that can be installed afterwards in any rig?) 6. good insulation as we plan to take it up North (but not in the midst of winter, so expecting no colder than 20 degrees at night) 7. Car seat safety - needs to have a dinette or seating that can accommodate a car seat rear-facing 8. Some counter space would be nice since we'll be cooking a lot 9. Reliability. We've been saving for this trip for quite a while and don't want to spend too much time in repair shops or broken down 10. Tow rating - needs to be able to pull a dinghy (make and model TBD after we purchase the rig) I'm hoping you can give us some guidance on any or all of the items we need! Please let us know what you think what brands/models to look for and which ones to avoid! Also, I'm not sure what age is "too old" for a used unit that we need to Thank you and happy travels!
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