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  1. 1995 international 4700

    Thanks brother, does the Freightliner run better speeds while empty? I'm union pipefitters out of Ohio.
  2. 1995 international 4700

    Thanks for the input. I've decided not to get it.
  3. 1995 international 4700

    That is some good info, I appreciate that. I think I'm going to pass on this. Does the new sports chassis go faster as well?
  4. Hi/low for mdt

    Has anyone ever thought about putting a hi low in your truck? I checked on one about 6 years ago and the way I understand is they are like a transfer case for 4x4. Say you have 4:55 gears and when you put it in high say it's 3:30 gears. I may not have my numbers exactly right. The reason I've though about it is because the mdt I'm looking at pretty much maxed out at 70 mph at 2900 rpm and I would think that would make 70 at say 1800 rpm. While empty of course. You wouldn't want it in high while pulling. But maybe while empty might jump you mpg up to 15-16 and be quieter since not as high of rpm. Not as much wear on the engine. Possibilities go up more and more.
  5. 1995 international 4700

    I don't mind the slow down myself, all I'm worried about is overworking the motor. I know in my old f250 I loved the 7.3 I would think the lower gears it would pull a lot better in the mdt. I don't want it to big down on a hill unloaded though.
  6. 1995 international 4700

    Ok Ty very much for that. I think I'll take your advice.
  7. 1995 international 4700

    A service truck, I wonder if that would be a bit different than a truck like this one. Did they make different models of the 4700 kind of like Freightliner has the sports chassis? Or are these all pretty well the same? I'm getting a bit worried about this engine now about talked myself out of getting it. Lol the guy has it listed for $17,500 I may offer say 11k would that be a good enough deal on it? I doubt he will take it considering the difference but worth a try maybe?
  8. 1995 international 4700

    I thought the 444 was a 500k plus engine as well? I have an old 7.3 f250 with 313k on it and the engine runs great no problems ever and I have abused it some. Pulling across scales at 30k with it loaded. I know I know I was dumb for that and took some risk. I didn't know it then but I do now. But the engine just keeps on rolling the rest of the truck is not doing so well though.
  9. 1995 international 4700

    Thanks for your reply. I bet it was a look for sure. They are beautiful trucks as it is and then a lady driving probably blew their mind completely. Lol I think I'm going to get it, still a little hard thinking about selling my pretty lifted 1/2 ton though, debating on keeping it as a side truck but then again I don't really have a need for 3 trucks. I have to keep my old f250 because it has the 7.3 in it I heard you cant use all the parts but some stuff match up.
  10. 1995 international 4700

    Thank you for all of your input!
  11. 1995 international 4700

    Very pretty truck! What kind of fuel mileage you get empty and pulling if you don't mind me asking. Would you use it as a daily driver? I work construction type jobs and that is what I'm wanting to use it for. I sometimes pull my camper 1000 plus miles then I'm there for 3 to 6 months usually. So I will drive it back and forth to the job and to stores some as well.
  12. 1995 international 4700

    Does it ever have a problem pulling the hills? Not sure what the gears are on this one but should be decently low I would think. It also has the Allison automatic as well. Not sure the hp on the 444 but I'm sure it's not 300. Probably can be upgraded, but I worry about that because of overpowering the tranny or something.
  13. 1995 international 4700

    Hey everyone new to the sight. I have been thinking about upgrading to a 5th wheel around the 24k pound area and I was looking at a 1995 international 4700 crew cab. Has 200k miles with the t444e motor. Are they good trucks? Also thinking about making this my full time vehicle and I will have a small car for the wife. What is your thoughts.