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  1. Thanks everyone for the input! The trailer is an '82 LeStrada (the 21FTG, I believe): here's the only specs I found online about it. I might be misunderstanding something here, but it seems like the GVWR doesn't matter a whole lot if we're looking at bigger trucks. All of the vehicles I mentioned have towing capacities listed upwards of 8000 lbs, so it seems like regardless that will be well above the full weight of the trailer (even with the 20% margin of safety). I guess that's why I was wondering if we really need such a big truck. Am I missing something in how to understand towing capacity? That makes sense, but it's mostly a monetary concern for us right now! That's actually really helpful to know! One of the concerns is paying the least amount possible for gas (although I understand we will be paying more for it than my little Honda-Fit-driving brain can comprehend, one way or another). But if you actually get better gas mileage towing with the diesel truck, then that makes it sound way better!
  2. Hi and thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! My husband and I have a 22' travel trailer, 3200 lbs dry. I don't know the GVWR since it's a trailer from the 80s and I can't find this information about it (but I'm assuming 5000 might be a safe estimate?)! We're looking to buy a tow vehicle for it; this will be for full-timing in the trailer. We've already done a lot of research and read lots of opinions, but it seems like much of the advice is geared towards folks hauling larger trailers. We started out thinking about trying to tow with an SUV, but read some scary stories of people flipping while towing with SUVs. I see lots of recommendations for 3/4 to 1 ton diesel trucks. My question is: is this really the best way to go, even with as smaller trailer like ours, or would something like an F150 (or possibly a larger SUV like a Tahoe/Suburban) work just fine? We're buying used and budget is a factor, so we really don't want to pay for more truck than we really need. Top priorities: 1) Safety: I'll be driving and I've never towed anything before, so I don't want to worry about sway, flipping over, being underpowered, etc. 2) Ability to get us anywhere: we plan on traveling all over, and we love Colorado, so it needs to be able to handle the trailer in the mountains! I know a lot of this depends on specific ratings for specific vehicles, but I also feel like I see a lot of people basically saying that just because a vehicle is rated to tow a certain amount doesn't mean it is a good idea, or that it will be able to tow this amount up hills etc. Anyone have any recommendations, advice, stories of similar situations, words of encouragement, ... ? Thanks!
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