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    Converting my single axle 375 Peterbilt into a RV hauler
  1. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Very nice, I like the old school paint on the truck, I’m wood shedding on how I’m going to do this. The truck started life as a single screw tractor now that the dump body was installed I have some challenges with the tail of the frame I’ll get it i just need a minute I’m going to post some pictures of the frame (tail) thanks to everyone Merry Christmas!!!!!!
  2. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Ha, that would work for sure
  3. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Yes it is with one million miles on it and just about ready for another million lol
  4. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Hey Steve, I’m going to check frame height I thought it would be best to install it about where the original was , original Air Trac suspension in place
  5. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Hi Dave thanks for your help I’m just getting up to speed on how to use this forum pics in general seem to be a work around . I just looked and the plate covers the entire rear of the frame rails is a top mount available?
  6. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Okay, I’m on it thanks for your help Regards Patrick
  7. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Hey, all can anyone please help me with posting pics? Everything I try doesn’t work
  8. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Hi all I’m looking for help setting up this truck as a RV hauler , i would like to be able to incorporate (1) air ride fifth wheel (2) 25ton pindle (3) heavy duty 2” reciever the truck started life as a single axle tractor just before us buying it a new dump body was installed we used it to build everything We needed. There is currently a 1” plate on the tail end of the frame for a pindle hitch will this plate be trouble for installation of the air ride fifth wheel? I cannot get one pic to post on this fourum I’m working on that obviously pics would be helpful thanks in advance Patrick
  9. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Yes I will thank you Patrick
  10. 1991 375 Peterbilt

    Hi all , I’m considering converting my single axle dump truck into a RV Hauler just looking for some help getting set up for success thanks Patrick