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  1. gayle b

    Roadside assistance

    We have a 24 foot travel trailer and needed to purchase roadside assistance after our one year warranty. Escapees, Good Sam, other options? Has anyone had good experience using a specific company?
  2. gayle b

    RV parks

    We will be staying st several locations. Usually limit the driving to 350 miles per travel day.
  3. gayle b

    RV parks

    Looking for suggestions on favorite RV places. We have been checking all our travel apps, but the reviews do not seem to be updated. We will be leaving the middle of June taking interstate 40 from AZ through NM, TX, OK etc and on to Vermont. We are not at all familiar with that part of the country. If anyone has stayed along that route, any recommendations would be appreciated. Word of mouth seems more reliable than these reviews. Wondering also how does one determine what areas of town are somewhat safer than others? I want to travel smart not paranoid. Thanks in advance.
  4. gayle b

    Summer travel

    We are planning our first extended trip from AZ this summer beginning end of June with our travel trailer. We initially wanted to stay out west to enjoy cooler temperatures, but need to head back east to visit family. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments regarding the summer temperatures with humidity and how to best prepare? Any favorite RV parks between AZ and Vermont? Thanks
  5. gayle b

    How to find great boondocking spots

    great information. Thank you for the insight
  6. gayle b


    Hello! We are in Mesa AZ. Heading to Windsor VT to visit family. Decided to leave AZ in June and go through CO, SD, MN and visit my family in WI. After that undecided on remaining route to VT. Do you ever come up to Mesa or Chandler area? I would be great to meet up and share some stories and get advice. Thanks for the response. Gayle
  7. gayle b


    Thank you all for the great information and suggestions. We will take into account the advice from you seasoned travelers! It’s nice getting different perspectives on traveling and I know we will use ideas from each of you. Happy holidays
  8. gayle b


    Hello! New RV people have so many questions. I feel fortunate to receive great knowledge from experienced travelers. My main question is this. We are planning our first long adventure next year and plan on traveling from AZ back to VT. How does one plan a route since we have never been to many of the states in between? I know how to find places of interest,RV parks and boon docking locations, and we know how many miles we are willing to drive per day. We have no idea on best roads, cities to avoid, etc. Is there a specific plan that helps to get started? Looking forward to hearing any thoughts and ideas as we are excited for the next adventure. Thanks all. Gayle
  9. gayle b

    Winter travel

    Great thank you!
  10. gayle b

    Winter travel

    We are new travelers and live in Mesa Arizona. We wanted to do a short trip in January and wanted to avoid freezing temperatures! We’re thinking of heading to Palm Springs. Does anyone have suggestions on an RV park either there or nearby? Thanks