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  1. Kirk and Pam, WoW,,now your starting to scare me away..I mean I know I have a lot to do and to check over and I intend to do the very best job that I can,,I do expect to have the roof checked and sealed probably first thing since it will be outside and everything sits under that roof..I have been talking to the seller now for over a month and we have extensively talked about many items you have mentioned including the extra rubber belts he has stored in the basement..I expect to get the rig set up on a PMS Schedule and maintain a complete record of all preventive and corrective maintenance that I end up preforming.. Getting all fluids checked and changed goes pretty much hand in hand with buying any vehicle,,at least it does with me..The records that have been kept have been great and I expect to follow up in kind..With the cooling of the temperature right now one of my concerns is going to be getting the unit winterized for the season..I defiantly do not want any surprises due to an early freeze.. Do you have any suggestions as to getting it ready for cold weather?? We have mild winters here in Kentucky,,but February is a cold month for sure..I have NEVER winterized a unit myself, but expect I am capable.. Thanks for everything and I'll let you know how it all comes out.. ted and renee
  2. Wow,,now that is some of the most comprehensive and great advice ever..Especially the way you divide your travel days,,I never thought about that..I had just assumed you get up and head out and drive until you get there,,resting in truck stops or rest area's when you need to..I didn't realize travel days were planned out so well. Right now we are looking at the 96 Georgie Boy Swinger, garage kept until about 3 months ago..it has 60k miles on it and is in really good condition all around,,and under..Picking it up for 15.5K with great tires, all maintenance kept up,,a large super slide..I need to look to see if there is an owners forum and join it as well,,I am still learning this site, and navigating around it.. Thanks for all the advice ,,feel free to share anymore at any time
  3. Kirk and Pam, Thanks for the welcome aboard shipmate,,I was all the way at the other end of the boat as a Torpedoman's Mate..I served on the 640 class FBM's out of Scotland..I figured I could live in that space so a motor home should be a lateral transfer.. I think I just about have the wife fully committed to the proposition ,,she's asking me questions now..How long have you been RV'ing?? What advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out?? With the exceptions of the air bags.. We really don't want to screw this up.. Thanks again for the welcome and I hope to run into you both during our travels.. ted
  4. Thanks Clay,,it is taking me a little bit to navigate around the site but once I learn my way I think I'll like it..I friend of mine from RVillager is also a member and that is how I learned of the site,,Can't get enough information for sure..
  5. We are currently waiting to buy our first motor home,,a 1996 Georgie Boy Swinger that up until a month ago has been garage kept.. My Wife and I have never RV'ed before..I am retired US Navy Submarine service and she is still working as a cashier at a local grocery store..I am hoping to shorten her schedule as soon as I can,, I am receiving a estate settlement this week and plan to make the purchase,,any and all advice is greatly appreciated,,I have shopped and looked now for about 9 months and am ready to buy..Any pointers on beginning the life I really want to get..
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