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  1. daveward

    Yet Another Slide Question

    Thanks, that makes sense. Thank you.
  2. daveward

    Changing Your Own Sparkplugs

    Thanks gentlemen, those are all helpful suggestions.
  3. I need to change my sparkplugs and wires on my F53 chassis gas engined Newmar. To do so it appears that to access them the front wheels need to be off and I need to crawl into the wheelwells to get at the plugs. They cannot even be seen from above under the doghouse. I don't have a sufficiently large floor jack to lift the front end, but I am a do-it-yourselfer from way back, so I'm looking for some creative and safe ways to get my front end off the ground the the tires off. I do have some beefy jackstands once the frontend is lifted. I thought I read somewhere about using the leveling jacks for this. Yes? Any suggestions?
  4. For those who know something about slides....my 1998 Newmar Kountry Aire has a carpeted slide and when it retracts the rollers ride and end their travel on carpeted flooring. This question is about air flow/air intrusion. It appears to me that the carpet edges of the slide (when extended) when resting on the carpeted flooring provide some level of air flow protection...cold air entering a warmed space, for example. Now...if I remove all the carpet and replace it with wood there would appear to me to be more chance of air intrusion. Is this correct, or does the slide seal in another way when it is extended? For example, if I lift the loose edge of the slide's carpet when it is extended it appears that there may be a white rubber-ish seal that may be the answer to my question. I hope that makes sense....thanks!!!
  5. daveward

    Removing the old floor and putting in vinyl

    Thanks for sharing your experience. A question about the slide, please... How many rollers are there and do you notice any markings or abrasions on the floor due to the slide movement? Have you done anything to keep the rollers extra clean and free of rocks or dirt? Thanks again!
  6. daveward

    TurboTax and a two-state return

    Great suggestion and will do so. Thanks.
  7. If all goes as planned 2018 will find me owing state taxes to two states...how cool is that... Let's assume I'm a resident of state one for 4 months and state two for 8 months. I usually like and use TurboTax but the CD version I buy only includes one state return. I assume others have had a similar experience and wonder what's been done to get access to the second state return. Thanks!!
  8. If the OP is still looking for a Bay Area Post Office, mine is here: https://tools.usps.com/go/POLocatorDetailsAction!input.action?address=95320&radius=80&locationType=po&locationID=1360288&locationName=DANVILLE&address2=&address1=2605+CAMINO+TASSAJARA&city=DANVILLE&state=CA&zip5=94526&zip4=9998&tollFree=800-ASK-USPS%26reg%3B%26nbsp%3B(800-275-8777)&latitude=37.8080759&longitude=-121.95042 This is in Danville, CA 94526 near US-680. The website shows general delivery under on-site services rather than on-line services. That link has their phone number as well. Danville is about 45 minutes south and east of SF.
  9. daveward

    Best RV insurance for full-time

    Perhaps you'd be kind enough to follow-up with an answer to this question: Assuming you have a toad (any car, doesn't matter the make), do you have one insurance company for the Motorhome and another for the car? Thanks.
  10. daveward

    Where Would I Find Shore Power Requirements

    Can I put you down for best and quickest reply! Exactly what I was looking for. THANKS>
  11. I would like to be prepared for different campsites, so I was wondering where I could find information about which electrical adapters are best to have...15 amp, 30 amp and 50 amp. If possible I 'd appreciate the information to include prong or receptacle shapes/placement...as I have found that one man's 30 amp setup can be different that another. Thanks!!
  12. daveward

    South Dakota or Florida

    I appreciate the cautionary comments...they are helpful. I see all the points made by all the posters. 1. I'm not sure my idea is all that different from FL-JOE, who used his son's address, but did not actually live there. If FL-JOE had a major claim he'd likely say that is his address when it is not. His son is merely collecting and forwarding mail for him while he is "vacationing"...right? The same way my mail service would do. It would be exactly the same if I found a mail service nearby my sold residence. 2. I'm a bit confused by the idea of setting up the mail service 3 months in advance. For most people doesn't the sale of the house determine the "date"? What I mean is if I arbitrarily change my mail before my house sells, as my wife would say...that would guarantee the house would not sell for 6 more months. LOL. Don't most people have a 30 day escrow and during that time the address changes are done? 3. In my case the insurance payments are automatic from my checking account and the insurance co rarely mails me anything. Please do not attribute my tone to be argumentative...just trying to get to the point and learn from others. Thanks.
  13. daveward

    South Dakota or Florida

    I'd like to follow-up on this thread by talking about timing. Let's say I go fulltime and leave my original state of domicile Day 1. Let's say on Day 2 I establish a mail forwarding arrangement using SD or Florida Escapees Service. Let's say I am in no hurry to visit either of these states. I should add that health care is not an issue...but of course I will need vehicle insurance. I can continue to pay my current insurer using auto payments so they won't know I've left till I get new insurance. Is there anything that REQUIRES me to get the legal state of domicile setup by a certain date? Thanks so much for thinking about this.
  14. daveward

    Dolly Vs Toad

    I had a feeling this would be the response...and your comments are appreciated. As was suggested, it seems this matter is just one of those that has to be dealt with once you say you will be fulltime. Thanks for the helpful comments. Dave
  15. This may be in the wrong category...I'm new here...sorry....... I wonder if someone would like to praise the car dolly? I sense that a toad would be "easier" but I also see that there are fewer and fewer cars that can be toad without extensive prep. My father-in-law used a dolly for many years and seemed pleased with it. I never got the chance to get his take on the pros and cons. Maybe someone out there would like to encourage me to look at a dolly. Thanks!!! Dave