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  1. Dolly Vs Toad

    I had a feeling this would be the response...and your comments are appreciated. As was suggested, it seems this matter is just one of those that has to be dealt with once you say you will be fulltime. Thanks for the helpful comments. Dave
  2. This may be in the wrong category...I'm new here...sorry....... I wonder if someone would like to praise the car dolly? I sense that a toad would be "easier" but I also see that there are fewer and fewer cars that can be toad without extensive prep. My father-in-law used a dolly for many years and seemed pleased with it. I never got the chance to get his take on the pros and cons. Maybe someone out there would like to encourage me to look at a dolly. Thanks!!! Dave
  3. SWharton...I guess the answer to your question revolves around the fact that when we sell in CA we are leaving the state and won't have a residence for up to 2 years as we Fulltime it and look for property for THE dream house we always wanted. My issue, if I can call it that is I don't want to burden my daughter asking her to be a mail forwarder and using her address as a residence whenever asked, since I don't plan on ever moving to her state. Please respond as I think you're on to something helpful. Zulu...extremely helpful info!!! Luckily...LOL...by the time we go full time we'll both be 65+ and no longer needing to worry about Obamacare. Thanks again for your insight!
  4. redcrzr....no shooting messengers here...thanks for the thoughtful answer. I certainly understand the idea of changing residence states at a later date. In your South Dakota example, did you go there to do things like licenses and car registrations...and did you find the pricing and availability of health insurance/auto insurance acceptable? And could you explain further how: "Escapee's operates a mail service that would allow you to use any of the 3 for your domicile and still have Escapee's handle your mail." Are you saying they have operations/addresses in all three states? Thanks!
  5. I will be going fulltime in a couple months. I just found this website and forum and I'm surely going to be swimming in all the good and helpful info. As usual I have more questions than answers at this moment...several dealing with the fulltime with no permanent address situation. I am aware of mailing services and so that's the subject of my first question...is anyone using a Tennessee service and are you satisfied? The reason for the question is that our plan is to RV fulltime for at least two years and then settle down again in TN. Yes...I have no idea what the future will bring but that's the plan as of this moment. Thanks!!! Dave