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  1. Anyone use an attorney in the Escapees' Bushnell, FL, area that you would like to recommend? We need to update our wills, powers of attorney, etc. and are looking for someone in the area to do so. Anyone that can recommend a fulltime RVer friendly firm or person?
  2. For those that are fully employed and working from your RV remotely through a telecommuting agreement with an employer....who has insurance for their property you have, liability, etc. while you work in your RV? I need to fulfill a "homeowners" insurance requirement in a telecommuting policy that covers their equipment at my "home" from loss and liability for injury etc. This is different than self-employed or running a business from the rig. If you have such a thing, with what company is it?
  3. What company are you using? Can you please provide a link to the product info on their website?
  4. We are beginning our full-time journey. I and my wife are covered under health care insurance through my employer and have coverage in two states. However, what should we do for the rest of the US? Indemnity insurance? Our policy is mostly 100% out of pocket unless urgent or emergency room. Hospitalization is not covered. My premium is VERY low because I work for a state agency, so it is tough to stomach other plan's costs instead if I were to opt out of that one. Thoughts?
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