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  1. So, I have a wierd job and at this point a fifth wheel seems to be my best bet so I'm giving up my apartment that saw me a week a month for 1,600 a month for a fifth wheel and found two I like then I hit the warranty clause and read some good threads but have questions. I'm a business continuity / disaster manager for a living. I'm "home" about 25% of the time and travel with my dog the other 75 % which makes hi hotels a PITA not to mention some locations have pretty bad hotels. My tow vehicle will be a 2017 F250 super duty, long bed, crew cab. My average operating environment is -10 for bad winter months with risk of serious snow (6" in a night isn't out.of the question) (not that I'm going to pull out in a blizzard) and rarely over 100 in the summer. Temps for winter in the 20-40 range are the norm for my whole coverage region. I've been looking at the Silver Fox/Artic Fox edition and a Cougar - both are just under 30'. I'll be pulling through the Cascades in WA and up and down the 395 coridor in E. WA, for vacations I do like to go to Joshua Tree but I'm adding this as a fringe benefit. I'm planning on adding a generator and am considering solar for extra battery tending as depending on the site I'll have to run without power provided. I can't find web info on the Artic Foxes in regards to non vacation only use and am worried about which is likely best for pulling in the mountains. I looked at a great one from a company that warrants up front for full time but the models I saw were all double sided slide outs, longer, over 10,000 lbs dry and over 60k base. Any thoughts? Planning to add additional AGM batteries and improved charging to not have to trickle charge on a generator - at a bad regional disaster I could be parked near 20+ other trailers so keeping.people up to watch TV might be bad... My prior experience was with fed/FEMA trailers which are similar to park models but not as nice and ugly/heavy.
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