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  1. Brett

    What if

    Awesome. Thank you all for the info.
  2. Brett

    What if

    I guess the simple question is if I were to build a flat deck above the original hitch and leave everything pristine in case I go to a semi style trailer would I have clearance for something longer than a smart and still haul a fifth wheel of 35-40 feet. I could go on an incline for a Jeep since I move every 3 months or less but would like the ease of going flat.
  3. Brett

    What if

    So I’m still in the working stage of planning out my move to HDT for safety sake. I’d like to do an old rig for the cool factor but I’m setting it aside in favor of ease and looking Volvo. My current fifth wheel is tiny by standards for an HDT but I’m thinking of doing truck/rv at once and getting something like a Teton. My big questions revolve around the how to do this for me. I don’t want a smart car, rather have a little more usable such as a wrangler and am thinking behind the cab flat and going long frame but not sure how it works in terms of frame length and adding a top that I can park it safely on for transport. None of that is overly complex and I know many of you have people who can do a simple conversion like that. My real question comes that in the medium future I would like to consider a spacecraft semi rig and I don’t want to do anything too crazy such as removing the stock connectors in case I do make the move over. Is it within reason to place a deck over all the stock setups so I can swap back and potentially go with a toyhauler to take the vehicle from behind the cab? Can I have my cake and eat it too?
  4. Brett

    Just saying hi

    I've been a lurker for a little while now and want to thank everyone for the information you've put up. I'm looking to upgrade my tow vehicle out of a SRW one ton to a semi and am still sifting the info as to which I will choose. My current RV would be laughable to tow with such a beast (8000lbs give or take) but as a full time RN on the road I'm looking to go waaaaay up in size and weight and find the info here invaluable. Thanks, Brett
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