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  1. How much do your basics weigh?

    I plan to live in it for years to come, though instead of snow-birding i'm probably going towards the colder climates , thanks for the advice!
  2. How much do your basics weigh?

    I would be delighted to read your list, I've started my own list an keep adding and taking things off right now. and that's a good policy, along with trying to find things with two uses.
  3. How much do your basics weigh?

    thank you everyone who responded! yes I know it was a wide range but it helped to get a jist of what most seem to have. the next step I have is to weigh my things myself, I think I do know around what it will be but I am having to add a bit of stuff too, I'll probably have more questions in the future but right now I think that i'm good. this is a really helpful place and I hope you all have a good day!
  4. Hello there, i'm new-ish here and I just had a couple of questions but figured I would introduce myself first, names Myddrin and this will be just me going into this lifestyle, I am more experienced with long term tent camping then any-sort of rving but that is not what i'm interested in really, i'm actually looking at different vans or car/teardrop combos. I have been researching for a while about both and rving just because things do seem to overlap and have got most of what I wanted to know down but something that I couldn't really find a answer on is weight of "things", and I do know of course that everyone is different and had different things but I was wondering what would you guesstimate that your very basic basics weight? and I know of tearjerkers and the teardrops and tiny travel trailers forum but does anyone have any more they know of that could be useful? or really any tips you could think of? thank you guys so much for your time