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  1. Not so fast! What amplifier? Where? I have two DirecTV receivers (the DVR is in front, the other in the bedroom) and nothing I can call an amplifier! The closest device I have is a "Winegard Entertainment Select" powered device (Model # VS-0303), with coax in and out. The jack I have in the bedroom is the size and type of telephone cable. Is that an amplifier? There are buttons for TV Antenna, AUX and VCR. (I have now gone onto the Winegard site and come up with some further information, but still would like your thoughts) The tv cabinet in front was redone to mount a flat screen on it where a large tube TV used to be. There seems to be a lot of excess black coax inside. How would you go about looking to sort it out?
  2. This almost feels like the kinds of things we did in high school AV! Despite more than twenty years in IT (Information Technology), some things about our digital world are still a puzzle - especially when combined with full time living in our 2005 Georgetown XL. First - the in-dash radio is antiquated. I gave some thought to simply getting a new rig, but first figured that I could consider replacing that component. Back in those dark ages, there were no other music sources, so no way to attach iPhones, music players, bluetooth, etc. But now, I have untold days worth of digital music I'd like to play. I'd also like to consider Sirius in order to listen everywhere. So the issue becomes replacing the in-dash unit, which also powers speakers in the driver cabin AND the bedroom. Any recommendations? Is it really a do-it-yourself project? Has anyone done it? If not, who do I get to work on it? Your thoughts would be appreciated! Second - we had the high end DirecTV antenna and two receivers installed. Since changing service addresses at every stop is a pain in the neck, I thought I would use campground cable. And something's amiss. I have a coax input in the basement - so far have no way to connect it to the TV's. I think something was either cut out of the system or needs to be added. What ever the case, however, some advice would be helpful - including where to look to educate myself. And while I'm not above paying someone to do it, what kind of service tech would? Again, any thoughts and comments are appreciated! Richard
  3. Thanks to all who've replied. Once again, moving resolved some problems and gave us new ones. Bottom line is that it is much more a hands-on system than I envisioned. No automatic change the time zone; no automatic change of local address. I suspect we are a couple of - digital - generations before mobile TV is as intuitive as our smartphones. I've been deep into menus to find out where to change time zone and where to input location (by zip code). Probably have more to learn. As for the comments about Camping World, I've now been to my 3rd one. This time it was "in and out" and I had what I needed (a replacement for an icemaker that died after 2 weekws.) once it was stocked. I've posted on FB in a couple of groups about my other run-ins with them. In theory, a national chain for RV's is great - but in execution it's truly hit or miss. Where ever possible, now, I am looking for local support.
  4. The explanation from Winegard was that the dish needed to point straight up on start, emit a signal and then rotate to the satellite. And trees are anathema to the whole deal. Since we are under one and appreciate the shade, I'm going to stop attempting to get tv unti our next leg. Game of Thrones and Last Week Tonight will have repeats all week. I can survive! Thanks to all for help.
  5. Probably concerned about the mirrors on the driver's side hitting the booth. Unfortunately, too much clearance on the driver's side isn't good for the passenger side.
  6. Well, we're fully and solidly installed, so no tripod. And, for now, not Game of Thrones or Last Week Tonight. After 20 minutes of searching, we still hadn't connected to a satellite and I'm inclined to think it's the tree we are next to. DirecTV said "contact Winegard" and they don't have support on Sundays. I may have to rethink our whole "move on Saturday" - it wasn't done consciously at first, but had become a habit - and I probably need to break it Thanks for your support. Will update here when I have more.
  7. The satellite control keeps saying searching, the TV says 775. Going to their site to check that one
  8. ndeavour

    Looking for a toad

    We are currently in the area. We did our research a little differently - downloaded the Dinghy Guides from Motorhome magazine that went back to 2005 (they have older but we have SOME standards)! Made myself a list, and then went to Carmax in Austin and said "Show us the manual transmissions cars on the lot." We picked up our car - and then found out it was going to take about $4000 to get it ready. The tow bar and braking system were about 2 grand, the plate that the car required another $400, and the rest of it was labor. Just finished our first 500 miles with it. So you can get the car and get it ready or find one already tricked out - but I think it unlikely your will find one done. Good luck!
  9. I'd bet they were newbies. My passenger side mirror hasn't been the same since - on my first drive bringing our MH home - I banged it into the right hand booth. And then I did it again the second time through. My only excuses was that I was new, by myself, and misjudged it. Didn't require a change of clothes, but from that point on it was clear - if anybody was going to damage our MH it was me!
  10. Anyone have the proper emoji for "aaarrrghhhh"? Failing that, let's talk about the issue. We originally had our DirecTV hookup installed at a Camping World in California. But it didn't work as we expected. No DVR capabilities - so I called Winegard and bought a receiver with DVR - that didn't work because we had the wrong kind of antenna. We made it to Texas and a different Camping World where we learned the bitter truth - the antenna (the G2) doesn't work with DVR; we needed to replace that. A number of calls later, we got credit for somethings, got the new antenna and the DVR and other receivers hooked up and were watching in HD and recording. Of couse, we traveled. To the Dallas area. Actually a sister park to the one in New Braunfels. Parked under a tree but where the antenna still had plenty of room. But it couldn't find a satellite. It never seemed to point in the direction other peoples' dishes did. Gave error messages on the TV. Tried again today. (Natcherly this happens on a weekend, right?). I think it's the proximity to the tree - but I'm asking for any assistance you might have in the meantime. Until Winegard answers their email. Or maybe I call DirecTV. Thanks in advance, Richard
  11. Be sure to specify how you want your DirecTV to function. We had it at home, then went to a Camping World to get it installed on the 2005 Georgetown XL we bought used. It's not the same equiprment as home, and if you don't ask specific questions or make specific requests, you are most likely to get something less than you want. We did. If you want "whole house" connectivity (for more than 1 TV) say so. If you want time-shifting ability, say so. If you want DVR functionlity, say so. Fortunately, the Trav'ler is the antenna you need for those. But get specific on your receivers as well. Like I said, if you have 2 TV's, make sure you map out how you expect them to work.