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  1. My project what do u think?

    I totally understand that's why I came to this site to see if it would work and I am seeing that I will be way to long for my liking. So we are just going to go back to using a HTD as our only vechele during our trips.
  2. My project what do u think?

    If I had the money I would but I don't have 150k laying around for a tow vechele.
  3. My project what do u think?

    Or I just say screw it and just use the truck for everything. Anyone do a 4 door conversion on a semi???
  4. My project what do u think?

    The trailer is 98" at the front measering on the trim so I need 48 at min how about a slider hitch with a Reese 5th airborne sidewinder pin box- slider 12" sliding,sidewinder 22" so then the hitch at 24" in the towing mode = 48" in the manoeuvring position then the deck can be 20' 6" and the truck only 33-34 feet long lol
  5. My project what do u think?

    Hmm it seems to be that I will be to long no matter how I cut it.
  6. My project what do u think?

    Can you put a slider hitch so when I am going down the road I can have it as short as possible. Then slide it back when I need to do tight maneuvers. Just really want a hdt but it just to big for sightseeing so that's where I thought of taking the wife's yukon as well. But I don't want it to be way to long
  7. My project what do u think?

    If you need 60" of clearance to tow a 5th wheel how do 1/2,3/4, and 1 tons haul trailers around with out smashing their cabs? The hitches are usually over the axles putting the hitch in the middle of the box. So if it a 6 foot box then they have 36" from the pin to the cab. also what is the usual lenght of a tractor from the back of the sleeper to the end of the frame (rear)
  8. My project what do u think?

    I can't seem to upload a picture???? However it is just a 2012 fifth wheel most new or newer ones if you look at the front of one you will see what I mean. They don't have 90 deg corners on the front. They are built for better turning clearance
  9. My project what do u think?

    I figured out what's going on and why it works. Semi trailers are the full width at the front of them. 5th wheel campers are not. The front of them are rounded and the Corners are big concave cutouts. So to get the full width I would have to be 2 feet or so from the front. The pin boxes for them also extend slightly past the front as well making the pin location in front of the trailer.
  10. My project what do u think?

    I still don't understand why you need so much room. I went to a 3/4 ton or 1 ton and the fifth wheel jaws to the back of the cab is 3 feet 6 inches. When I used the truck I could jack knife it no problem. I also had a mega cab and that was just under 3 feet from jaws to cab and still never hit or had issues. So why would I now need 60 inches when 36 inches was fine before? So them 6 inch buffer 18'6" vechele and another 36 should be 22' long?
  11. My project what do u think?

    Maybe I am missing something here but I just measured the centre of the jaws on a f250 to the cab and it is 3'6". Now my mega cab was much closer and I never hit or came close so using that logic and using a sidewinder I should be able to be 2'6" From the front bumper of the Yukon. Making overall length 21'.
  12. My project what do u think?

    Hey guys wow thanks for all the replies. So bumper to bumper on the yukon is 18'6". If I put the 5th wheel 2' from the yukon and use a sidewinder the pivot point on the 5th wheel would be 4' from the yukon as I believe the sidewinder adds 24". So I could use a sidewinder with a 20' bed and still get the yukon not to hit the 5th wheel? So if I go with a 20' bed would I need to cut the frame to extend or can I just add onto the back of the frame? I don't have the measurement from the rear of the sleeper to the rear most point so I do not know exactly how much longer I need to be? The 5th wheel also has giant cutouts in the front of it (from the factory) to allow you to turn with out hitting. I towed this trailer with my 2014 ram 3500 mega cab and I never used a slider and never came close to hitting and the hitch was super close to the back of the cab.
  13. My project what do u think?

    I was planning on keeping it a tandem and cutting the frame and pushing the axles back enuf so the the front of the yukon (backed onto the truck) sat over the rear most axle. meaning the centre of the rear axle wold be 18 feet from the back of the cab. The hitch would then sit about 3 feet back from the centre line of the rear as well. So what I was thinking was a 20-21 foot deck. The last 3 feet of the deck would be on a slight angle downward and I would use ramps to get the yukon off. Does anyone have pictures of a 20-22 foot deck on a tandem with a sleeper on it???
  14. My project what do u think?

    I am looking at buying a peterbilt with a c15 and 1.2million Kms on it to tow my 5th wheel. It does have a sleeper on it as well now here is the fun part. I have 3 small kids and we do lots of traveling in the summer time with the 5th wheel (37 feet) I would like to add a bench in the sleeper or seats instead of the bed that way the kids could ride in there with there car seats. I also do not want to have to drive it around when we get where we are going so I would like to stretch the frame to allow me to build a flat deck on the back. It would need to be long enuf for a yukon xl to ride on it (18 feet). What do you all think of this is it doable? How long would it need to be extended? Still learning lots but I am a dual ticked tradesman (automotive,millwright) so I do know my way around the tools. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  15. Bed length

    Just what I was looking for. New member here hello everyone not looking to hi jack but how long of a bed for a yukon xl aprox 18 feet long