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  1. Another option I haven't seen mentioned is this application for Windows and Mac: Allows you to set which applications get to use the network for each connection.
  2. I called and spoke with the Boot Camp folks. There shouldn't be an issue with school age kids at the boot camp as long as they are quiet. They is an extra cost if they eat the provided meals.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how my wife and I could attend the upcoming Escapees Boot Camp Nov 10-12 2017 in Livingston, TX with our kids. Not that the kids want to learn about RVing - although my oldest might! - but as a way for us both to attend at the same time. If we stay in the Escapees Rainbow RV park where the event is held would it be reasonable to have the kids hanging out in our coach with the understanding they should come find us in the clubhouse if needed? Not sure what I think of the idea. And has anyone done driving school with their kids along for the ride?
  4. They are not well appointed but if you don’t mind semi boondocking you could try the OC Parks system. They have two options for RV camping:
  5. AT&T also has a service to do this (for AT&T customers only):