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  1. A new beginning.

    We moved into the trailer on Saturday, so far so good...it's only been two days though!
  2. Tow vehicle concern

    ^^^^I agree with that regarding the nitrogen. I looked into that a couple of years ago. The nitrogen in a nitrogen tank is only 95-96% pure, which means the difference between air and nitrogen fill is just 15-16%.
  3. A new beginning.

    (SW) Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. I started off if the Nuclear Power Program, completed the schooling, then I was booted out,. I was FALSELY accused of having an attitude problem! Did you ever get to meet Heimy Rickover? We locked in our campsite yesterday. My wife was given bad information about Santee Lakes when she made her initial inquiries. They weren't going to have room for us at a long term site until Mar of 2018...that wasn't going to work. We ended up finding a spot at All Seasons RV park in Escondido, CA. ewe looked into a fairly large corner space. It is going to work out better for us all the way around I think. We got a space on a corner, it's 20 miles closer to my work, and they have unlimited stay times. This has been a learning evolution/eye opener for us. We are desert rats by nature...boondock camping in the deserts of SoCal and Baja is our usual MO. Many of my friends have 5th wheel toy boxes in excess of 40' long. Trailer length is not an issue in the desert! Our new trailer is 38' long, I had no idea that it would be more difficult finding a spot in a campground that can accommodate that length. Our other challenge has been our 12 year Boxer dog, he's about 65#'s, which is over the weight limit at some parks, others have Boxer's on their bully breed list. All Season's has a weight limit, we talked to the decision maker and she is going to let us in as long as he isn't a pit bull. We do the walk through on our trailer next week, hope to be moved in to it by the 10th of July. Our space becomes available on that date, and all of the financial dealings should be taken care of by then. On another note, in this day of electronic money transfers, why does it still take 7-10 days for a check to clear from one financial institution to another?
  4. A new beginning.

    A lifted tow rig is stupid, let's all get past that and deal with the reality of my situation. My truck is an '06 GMC 2500 Duramax crew cab short bed 4x4. It has an RCD 6" lift on it, 315/75/16 "E" rated BFG KO2AT's for tires. I also have a 24' enclosed car hauler trailer that I stuff a 5000# Jeep in to, can't be a pound over 9995, says so right on the trailer placard. I have been San Diego to Silverton, CO, with this combination a few times, a couple of Baja trips, and countless trips to the high desert at Johnson Valley OHV park. I've always used a conventional drop down hitch to pull the trailer with no issues. The new trailer is lighter, but longer (a lot longer). I'm thinking that I should get a weight distributing hitch. Looking for recommendations for a drop down (adjustable) hitch that will meet my needs. Thanks!
  5. Running motor while parked

    I'm new around here, my back story, I was in the Navy for 13 years, MM1(SW), I worked in the engine room on 1200PSI super heated steam (975*F) plants, after that, I was an Allison Transmission field service tech for 10 years, some Detroit Diesel experience while working for an Allison Transmission distributor. I currently work at a Cadillac dealership. I'm pretty good at what I do, career changes have back stories, another time, another place. I have had frequent heated discussions over the years with engineers over design operating parameters and real world operating conditions. In my head, a Cummins engineer stating that dry conditions occur in two weeks, AND dry starting is the worst thing you can do to an engine (I agree with that)...why would they not recommend starting the engine every two weeks just to keep parts lubricated (as was my theory, but on a monthly basis)? Sure, normal operating temps would be great to obtain, but certainly not required to keep rotating parts and their seals lubed. A little more food for thought, if engineers are so accurate in their designs, why do we need service departments! It's the internet guys, I'm attempting to be humorous, but have a serious discussion at the same time...campfire style!
  6. Running motor while parked

    I agree that diesel's should have a load on them when run, turn on the AC and a couple of high draw electrical loads and that should be adequate to prevent cylinder glazing or wash down. For my $$$ I'd still start it and let the fluids circulate some, get a film of oil back on to lubricated parts that have gone dry.. If equipped with a "high idle" switch, turn that on. It's true that modern engines do not require a warm up period like older carbureted engines did, that's generally on a day to day operation.
  7. Running motor while parked

    I would start both and let them run for 15 minutes or so once a month or so just to keep the seals lubricated, burn any condensation out of the engine oil etc.
  8. Rust treatment for HDT frames

    POR 15 is good stuff for treating rust. http://www.por15.com/
  9. Trying to figure why?

    Sigh...new to this forum, but on a few rock crawling/desert racing forums. It seems the drama never ends. From the outside looking in, I think the Sibernut guy intended some humor in his post, while at the same time pointing out a couple of potential issues to watch for (neither of which would have occurred to me). I too think the punishment was excessive. I've been a moderator/admin on other forums. ZERO interest in ever doing that again. While we're on the PC parade, I recently discovered/was advised that "Asian" is the proper word, THINGS are Oriental, PEOPLE are Asian. Just throwing that one out there!
  10. Broken Door Handle - Trapped inside

    I'm no RV door expert by a long shot, but that amount of damage seems ridiculous to me.
  11. half ton pickup pulling fifth wheel

    I'm on several internet offroad forums, I'm primarily a rock crawler/desert racer/adventure traveler, just moving in to the full time RV living genre (just bought an Outback 330RL, awaiting delivery). Regardless of what flavor the forum is, it seems there is always a question from someone asking how safe it is to overload a vehicle. When I say overloaded, I refer to exceeding the manufacturer specs. In my experience, everyone has above average driving skills, and whatever vehicle they own, with whatever modifications they have added, makes that vehicle capable of doing whatever the owner needs it to do. I have an '06 GMC 2500HD (Duramax) with a slide in pop up truck camper in the bed (approx. 1000 lbs), I also have a 24' enclosed car hauler that I stuff one of my 5000' Jeeps in to, along with tools, spare parts, etc. The trailer is rated for 10,000 pounds, it can't possibly be over 12,000 pounds when loaded for a two week trip (scared to run it across the scales). In my head, I'm perfectly safe, drive accordingly when running heavy, etc. Bottom line, I'm still WRONG! I figure I'll be marginal at best once I get the travel trailer. Reverse of the commercials...I'm an amateur driver on an open course!
  12. A new beginning.

    ^^^^I've even got roof air on my slide in/pop up truck camper. The new trailer has a 15k BTU AC, it also has provisions for a second roof air if we find that we need it.
  13. A new beginning.

    We've lived in Santee (San Diego suburb) for the last 30 years. The cost of living is ridiculous, but we're close to the desert, mountains, Baja, and generally have good weather. Our move isn't much of a change of location (maybe 3 miles), but the lifestyle change of full timing in a travel trailer (admittedly a big trailer).
  14. Is 38 ft to long to bumper pull?

    I'll find out soon enough. We just bought an Outback 330RL, 37'10" hitch to tail lights. My tow vehicle is a 2006 GMC Duramax 2500HD.
  15. half ton pickup pulling fifth wheel

    I work at a GMC dealership. I've seen fifth wheel hitches installed in a few half ton trucks, but it is not something I'd recommend. The folks that have done it have opted for the 6.0L engine over the 5.3L. The 6.0L also gets you a bigger transmission. It's not just the engine, it's the transmission, frame, brakes(some GM 1/2 tons went back to drum rear brakes), suspension, etc, that determine (safe) tow capacity.