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  1. Hi everybody, it's been a long while since I posted anything here on Escapees but now I find myself in a quandry. We just purchased a 2004 Monaco LaPalma 37 foot motor home and I'm searching for a suitable Toad. I would like to stay under 4000 lbs. It must have an automatic trans and be a good all around everyday vehicle. It will be our only car. I'm having a terrible time finding out which brands and models/years will work. We'd really love to have a Honda CRV but finding out the straight truth from anybody in the car industry is worse than a trip to the dentist. Can anybody here who has first hand experience fill in the blanks for me? I tried going to the owner's manual site but there is absolutely nothing listed in the manual regarding 4 down towing. At least not that I could find. So, with that said, I'm all ears as to which vehicle is best for us. I'd prefer not to have to install a Remco fluid pump system. Been there and done that. Any other brand model suggestions will be greatly appreciated also. Thanks to all who choose to join this conversation. Ray
  2. Very interesting. I have had an on again off again problem with my steps. We never know what they are going to do. I have found that the problem seemed to be in the 4 wire plug but after checking and rechecking it, I never found anything concrete. But the step would almost always go back to working after jiggling those wires. I am now wondering if by jiggling those wires, it might also have jiggled the wires at the motor as described in the video. I will check it out for sure. Thanks for posting. Ray
  3. I bought a new laptop that came with 10 on it. I still have my older laptop that is running 7. I still like 7 the best. I can't answer your question in the respect of doing the upgrade to 10 though. I have not heard that they are going to stop supporting 7 and 8. I would stick to 7 as long as you can. JMHO. Ray
  4. Am I missing something here? We have traveled extensively with two laptops. We charge them right off of the 110 AC outlets. Don't you have the charging/power adaptor that came with your laptop? Why do you need a twelve volt DC outlet? Ray
  5. Thanks everybody for all the great info. I was looking at Amazon before I wrote my post. That's why I decided to ask. There are so many to choose from. Appreciate all the advice. Now, back to Amazon. Ray
  6. I recently purchased a new laptop. I like it but it came without a DVD drive. So, I need an external drive. Without doing a ton of research into which one is best, I thought I'd tap into the knowledge base here. Anybody been through this? I want to be able to read/burn and install software. All of my programs are on dvd's so it would be nice to be able to install them through an optical drive. Thanks for any help/advice. RAy
  7. Thanks Kirk, I was under the impression that the grease would improve connectivity. R
  8. If you go online to the Kwikee/Power Gear site, there is a great video on how to troubleshoot the whole thing. I crawled under ours yesterday, banged a coupled of times on the motor/mechanism and then disconnected and re-connected the 4 wire plug. I'm not sure which worked but all of a sudden the step deployed. I'm pretty sure it's that 4 wire plug so I will have to clean all the terminals and squirt some dialectric grease into it. Road travel seems to be the culprit. After 4 hours on a bumpy California freeway, the step failed to come out upon arriving back home. DW not happy. Motor home for sale. Ray
  9. I was having a similar issue with our steps after installing a new "brain". They work sometimes and sometimes they don't. Usually after a hard driving day or bumpy or wet day they won't deploy. I have messed with all the wiring and done the fuse checks as well as the two small resetable circuit breakers that are in the battery control box. After exhausting all the usual things, I decided to do what I used to do to fix things. I crawled under the m/h and beat on the motor (gently) with a hammer. Then I unplugged the four way plug and re-plugged it in. All of a sudden the steps deployed. So, I knew I had either a motor issue or a wiring disconnect issue. After arriving home yesterday after being on the road for 2 months, the steps failed to deploy. I crawled under and unplugged and re-plugged the wiring but no step. So, now I am thinking that the motor may be bad. I will report back after trying the hammer trick and let you know what happens. I think it might have something to do with the "brain" getting confused as to what it's supposed to do. I had the engine running when my wife tried to step out yesterday. She opened the door but the step failed to deploy so I said, let me turn off the ignition. I figured it would fix the problem but it didn't. So at this point in time, we have not step but I will figure it out. I refuse to throw more money at it until I can nail down the problem. Ray
  10. We put a Doran system on our first year out 2008. We used it for the three years that we full timed. Not one problem. I have had it sitting in my closet since we came in April of 11. The batteries are now dead. The company will trade them for new ones at $30 ea. Not bad. Ray
  11. I'm no electrical genius but if it were mine, I'd think about a faulty breaker first. I have found over the years that it's always the simple fix that we usually come to last. So, start with the simple one first. I would think that would be the easiest too. Ray
  12. Do you have to have your toad running? That would be the only way it could use the power assist. This unit is very sensitive to the braking on the motor home. It only applies as needed. Not sure what a "brake in a box" is. I guess I'll have to do some checking so we can both be on the same page. Can you give me a better name for the unit you are talking about? I found nothing googling what you called it. Also, I'm not sure what the cost is but I bought mine through a vendor other than the mfgr. I think I paid about $700 complete. If you already have a tow bar, all you would need would be the actual brake mechanism. R
  13. I see you aren't getting much feedback. I can't be of any help on that particular system. I've never heard of it. But, I will tell you that I can't say enough good about the Ready Brake/tow bar brake system. We are in a motor home towing a 2012 Scion XP with a Blue Ox plate and the Ready Brake towbar. It is all in one and operates on the surge brake idea. Do a search for it on google and read up on it. It works great. No brake buddy or whatever in the car. Hope this helps, Here is the link for the mfg. website. http://www.readybrake.com/store/p4/ReadyBrute%E2%84%A2_Elite_RV_Tow_Bar.html Ray
  14. Also, have you tried plugging anything else into that USB port? Ray
  15. Have you checked Device Manager to be sure your USB ports are still active? Just guessing here. Is your laptop an Apple or a PC? Ray
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