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  1. 4113 Jayco seismic

    Still looking at campers. Here's where were at. Best of the worst for the floor plan that seems to suit us in what we've seen is the Jaco Siesmic 4113. It's only a 3 season camper but we want to be snow birds anyway. Any body have experience with thes?
  2. Hitch and dry weight

    HDT is a 450,550? As opposed to a hauler?
  3. Hitch and dry weight

    Weighing the camper with the options not yet installed is not an option. Not to mention the fact that there are no close scales. I'm leaning towards Linda' s suggestion.
  4. Hitch and dry weight

    Dry hitch (tongue) weight is often a misnomer used by RV trailer manufactures The truck hitch weight is not a concern. I'll buy the truck to handle the load.
  5. Hitch and dry weight

    Dave, don't know how to do the photo bucket but I'll look into it. You guys on here use HDT and abbreviations I'm not familiar with. What the difference between an HDT, a dially and the freight liner were looking at? Just so far as terms on this site.
  6. Hitch and dry weight

    Wow! That's a lot bigger tha our truck. I keep trying to figure out how to load the pic my sent via text. Doesn't seem to want to take it on here when I try to do copy/paste. We are going to be at max money out of pocket between the camper and camper with options. I do not wish to finance so that much customization isn't practical for our situation. I've got to keep in mind that TODAY this is what we want to do. I'm very practical, logical, and research everything. But I also am pragmatic. If I/ we get sick and can't do it anymore there needs to be a life after. No debt. That's the goal. Cash on the barrel now. When it's gone it's gone. No room for buying more than we can afford. No room for buying what we can afford but doesn't work. This has been a work in progress for more than two years. I don't take life changes like this lightly. This is a LOT of money. Thanks for your responses. The more I listen, the more I read, the more I research, the more prepared we will be and the better decisions we will make. And the more I learn that I just don't know everything.
  7. Hitch and dry weight

    Glen, What is the truck?
  8. Hitch and dry weight

    That's funny! Problem is she's a Pomeranian. Fat but small.
  9. Hitch and dry weight

    Glen, Where are you putting the tools on the truck? The freight liner is a "hauler". Flat bed. Mount side boxes? That might take care of the construction tools but I've also got a snap-on box that's gotta go with us. Hence the need for the toy hauler.
  10. Slide out awnings?

    Power washing the roof? Boy there's a lot I still have to learn.
  11. Hitch and dry weight

    Thanks to all for your advise and knowledge. I'm going to need to take tools with us as I will still be working some months out of the year. Tools are heavy so the concern is the carry weight. The weights are all over the place with what seems to make no rune nor reason. Everything from 2500 to 5k. Linda...you hit the nail on the head. If we can do that it would be great. Never thought of it. I'd hate to buy something that turned out to not work well for us. As far as the truck, we're working on that at the same time. Looks like we're going to be right around 20k so we're leaning towards a freight liner we've been looking at. It's not the truck I'm worried about. I'm getting rid of stuff fast and don't want to get rid of things we could have kept but didn't know it. We will be loading stuff into totes and weighing everything. We're even going to put the dog on a diet!lol
  12. Hitch and dry weight

    This is frustrating. This is a lot of money. How do you decide on a camper without all the facts?
  13. Slide out awnings?

    Huh. That helped. Seems like there's a lot more to taking care of these slide tops than o knew. Thanx
  14. Slide out awnings?

    Thanx. I did a search and it didn't come up.
  15. Slide out awnings?

    Sorry for the duplicate.