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  1. @ Rosita - you mentioned earlier, "But, the more educated buyer who has taken the time and opportunities to diligently research initial quality, design, engineering, materials, build integrity, manufacturer quality control issues, dealer and manufacturer after-sale support, and a host of other "mistake avoider" points" I love your list and thought process. Do you have any pointers about where one might uncover those kinds of details about a manufacturer or particular model? Thanks!
  2. @Kirk - I have a follow up question for you. You said, "It is more important that you learn what to avoid here than to find every right answer. The best way for you may well be unique, but the disastrous mistakes usually apply to everyone. Avoiding the pitfalls which apply to everyone, like weight issues is the most important thing that we here can help new members with." You may have listed these elsewhere, and please feel free to direct me there if so, but I'm wondering what are the major mistakes and pitfalls that are lurking out there that we nubies should be seeking to avoid? Thanks!
  3. RV Selection Thought Process

    I sure appreciate all of you. My guess is you've been asked and answered this same question near a thousand times, and still you patiently help out us nubies. I've already learned a lot. And I sure am glad I started the conversation with more than a year before launch day. Had I started later I would either be making some big mistakes or be in a panic! In any case, thanks all -- some very appreciated and excellent help here!
  4. RV Selection Thought Process

    Thanks so much, guys. You're helping me see that I need to shorten my horizons a bit. And we have considered the 5th Wheel solution, even looked at some, but at least so far it doesn't seem to fit the wife and I, but at this point in the game most anything is still possible. I want my lovely wife to enjoy the whole experience as much as is possible within our budget so need to keep researching it. I'll be sure to read through all the relevant threads to help educate me. Thank you!
  5. RV Selection Thought Process

    Thanks so much for the quick replies so far. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear - some real world advice based on experience and knowledge. You've given me a lot more to think about. So what I hear so far is to get some time in an RV class, and maybe I should give up the idea of living in the same rig for 20 years and therefore go back to a less expensive (to buy and maintain) gas rig. Other thoughts and opinions or suggestions, folks? And again --- THANK YOU!
  6. My wife and I are just beginning the planning stages for selling our home and going full-time in about a year and a half. Our current thought is that we will travel full-time for about 10 years and then perhaps settle down in the same RV for the next 10 or 15 years. Based on that plan we are leaning toward a larger, solidly built diesel pusher. I would very much like to get your feedback about my thought process for choosing what may be our home for the next 20 years. So here ya go --- Our budget is about $90,000. The advice I have read with respect to buying a gas machine is to buy 3 to 7 years old with about 3000 to 5000 miles per year on it, based I think on the belief that a gas engine will generally last about 100,000 miles. But I've read that you can expect nearly 1,000,000 miles on a diesel drivetrain and Freightliner chassis, which implies you should be able to buy a diesel pusher with more miles on it and still expect to get far more life out of it. So then here's a summary of what I think I'm looking for: - Diesel pusher that fits our preferred floor plan, 35-40' - Brand that is often considered to be higher quality Tiffin, Holiday Rambler, Newell, Newmar, Monaco, Winnebago - $90,000 or less - 50,000 to 75,000 miles, because it seems to be generally assumed that a diesel drivetrain and associated chassis will run nearly 1,000,000 miles - As recent a model year as we can get with the above criteria What do you all think? Thanks SOO much for any feedback!