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  1. I hope it's okay to join in this discussion. I too just bought a 1997 Georgie Boy Cruise Master. I have Dish satellite with the Hopper (not Hopper 3) and two Joey's for my home system. I don't have a clue what anyone on here is talking about but I would like to have satellite in the RV. Can anyone talk me through this in terms that I would understand? (Satellite for dummies,lol!) Can I take my Hopper and Joey's and use them? What other equipment do I need and where should I go to get help hooking it up and not get ripped off? I don't have a clue about any of this, but it seems like my Hopper and Joey's SHOULD work. I'm in North Georgia if that helps.
  2. Can anyone help on this? I found a Class A that I really like from the pics. The RV is in Florida. The website had no info on the unit but I did get some basic info from a salesperson on the phone. It's a 1998 Georgie Boy. Heres the link. https://www.americachoicerv.com/vehicle-details/used-1998-georgie-boy-georgie-boy-cruise-master-3410-1GBLP37JXW3305350 The mileage is 63,329. 300 point inspection. No other info. She said because it's a new unit and she doesn't have all the info on it yet? The price is a little over $20,000. My questions are: What kind of price can I negotiate? How much should the asking price be? Any other help in this would be great. I need to work something out on the price before taking a trip down there if possible.
  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has taken the time to help me with this and offer wisdom! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the help. I understand that this is a major undertaking and I preferably should put more time into it. I could rent somewhere and I may end up having to do that, but I would prefer to have our own place and not pay high rent. And I REALLY want an RV! I also have this little "problem" in that I am extremely head strong and hard-headed, haha! We may not be able to travel right away if I get an RV, but at least we would have our own place. Downsizing and being mobile is also important to me and I really want my kids to see what I have gotten to see in our beautiful country. I am also selling my property but until that sells I have only $11,000 to buy something with. I know I won't get top of the line, but I can buy something and be prepared to put some money into it rather than pay out rent every month for something that will never be ours. So, to rent or to buy, that is the question. I know I won't be able to buy exactly what I want because I will only have $11,000 to buy initially. I could maybe put a down payment on one? I am selling my property as well but until it sells, I only have the $11,000 to work with. I don't have a size limit YET. I have never been inside a class A, just a class C and the towables. There are some nice towables and if I had a truck that would give me another option to consider. But since I have a car, I will be towing it. I do have a CDL license and used to drive semi's so I don't think the size will be an issue, just the handling if it. I'm going to check out all the links you guys have posted, go to a few RV lots, and do much more research. Does anyone have an opinion about buying RV's on eBay? Also, any help on what specifically to look for or avoid in an RV would be great. Keep the suggestions coming please because I am listening to y'all! Thanks again!
  4. Hello to everyone! I joined this forum because I am just now realizing as I read through the topics and look for RV's to purchase, how woefully unprepared I am. I have wanted to buy an RV for a long time and decided that what is best for me and my two kids is to sell our home and live in an RV. Unfortunately I never researched buying them and what all I would need to do because I thought I would be stuck in this place forever and because finding the time to do it is next to impossible as a single parent. All of a sudden, my place is just about sold (waiting on the check) and I'm scrambling to find an RV and find out what to know and do. As a single mom and trying to keep up with all that that entails as well as trying to sell our place, sell all that we don't have to have, and try to find an RV that I can afford, I'm beginning to wonder if it's the right decision. So after that long introduction, this is where I would greatly appreciate any help from you all. Some things I know: I THINK I will be skipping the dealers and buy from an individual. I'm not sure I would get the truth from them. I know to make sure they have maintenance and repair records. I know how to look at tires to make sure they're good and look for signs of leaks inside. Other than that, I'm pretty much lost and at the mercy of whomever I buy from. I also don't have anyone to go with me to help (no friends or family) and I may end up going a long way off to buy one if it's the right one and the right price. So, can y'all help me? What do need to make absolutely sure of before buying? What do I need to know? Oh, and I do plan on traveling in it, not just living in it. I will be buying either a class A or C.
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