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  1. Time, love and nurturing are the 3 best ingredients when dealing with rescue dogs or introducing dogs to a new environment
  2. Great article, JM. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Great article. I am seriously considering full-time RV'ing so that I can keep my 4 under 10lb furbabies with me. It is nearly impossible to rent a motel or cottage with 4 unless you are willing to pay exorbitant nightly fees and a deposit. These same motels will advertise that up to 2 kids under 12 stay for free. I'm still trying to make sense of that. I would never allow my dogs to roam freely in a dogpark in fear that they may be hurt or bitten. I would probably use a large baby fence outside my camper, under the awning. Do campgrounds allow collapsible fences like that?
  4. I agree. I tried to book a vacation rental cottage in Florida this year. I have 3 Maltese and a Yorkie. All under 10lbs and pretty well behaved as they are all 5 to 7 years in age. The man renting the home wanted $30 per night, per dog in addition to a $300 pet deposit. The weekly rental became astronomical. I don't understand why motels and rental agents are so ready to let up to 2 kids stay for free and want to charge so much for a little dog. Seems that the kids would be much more destructive.
  5. Hi Frank. Hope your back surgery was successful. I am new here too. I am a wannabe Rv'er. I am retired so I have the time and want to travel but it's been difficult getting my husband onboard. I've considered finding a female friend and going that route. I admire those who go out and do it solo. Hope you get your fifth wheel and get mobile soon. Share your adventures with us
  6. Congratulations!! I am retired, have the time and want to be a full-time RV'er, but don't want to do it solo. For now, I'll keep dreaming or living vicariously through guys like you
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