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  1. Finally figured out why the fridge wouldnt cool. Evidently when the "authorized service tech" installed the new eyebrow there was a short (physically too short) wire so he put a crimp on style spade connector and slid the fridge back in. Well it came unplugged or maybe not plugged in at all. I had a time finding that wire, after I checked all the connections on the back of the eyebrow switch for power, and checked the plug to the Interface board, I thought what if I gently pull on the this one that goes to the switch? The whole thing came out! I was relieved that I found the problem. Took a while, but I was getting ready to start over, with a match! I soldered the new connections, no more pulling apart! Everything works as it should now, very strong flame on gas, the check light works, and A/C
  2. What about adding casters (wheels) to the rear bumper so they drag before the bottom of the trailer?
  3. Check the interior corners for weak or soft spots could indicate a leak. Feel around roof vents for soft spots, or water staining. Look under the trailer for damage, and if you can see the holding tanks give a visual for cracks. Make sure everything works, or what doesnt for negotiating purposes. Check the tires for wear and cracking. Ask when it last had the bearings greased (very important) I learned all of these things the HARD way. All is well now. Good Luck!!!
  4. 2004 Dodge Ram Cummins Compound Turbo 6 speed standard

  5. You could try calling the local and speaking with your BA he should have some leads on jobs all over the country. Im a Union bricklayer I travel all over for work in refineries and power plants. I can access the BAC website and see a list with contact info on the jobs listed across the nation that are hiring. Start with your BA. Good luck!
  6. I feel your pain, I have been "dealing" with my Norcold. There was a recall on my unit and it has been one thing after another with this recall. First I took it in and had to wait a few weeks for the parts to get here. When the dealer was finished they didnt put it all back together. It was like they said "hey the circuit boards are in, we're done" When i got home nothing worked, I was very unhappy. I ended up taking it back in so they could finish what they started. After getting it home a week later for the second time, still nothing worked. Not on A/C or Gas! what a $h1t show! I have become very familiar with this fridge and there isnt a lot to them. I have come to the conclusion that the interface board they installed is bad, but they wont replace it because its "new" I am getting a replacement for it from amazon today. We'll see how that goes. I dont think these dealer service centers really worry too much about their tech's ability or knowledge, especially camping world. I will forever avoid them like the plague!
  7. Eternabond makes a product that has fabric on one side amd the sticky tape on the other. This is great especially if you want to put a coating over it, now you have a belt and suspenders application. No leaking through this, I was a restoration/waterproofer for 20 years.
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